LunaSol: Sonora

There are some beautiful pieces in the new LunaSol collection from Portland-based designer Lindsey Alonzo. Her Sonora collection for spring was inspired by the Sonora Desert, adobes, desert plant life and the earth tones and soft colors found in southern Arizona, California and northern Mexico. I love that you can choose from a variety of lovely linen colors for the pieces that incorporate linen cord. My favorites are the Aponi necklace, the Sierra necklace and the Puebla ring. More HERE.

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Photography: Mikola Accuardi
Styling: Jacquelyn Caballero
Models: Sofia Accuardi and Cassondra Pittz
Assistant: Christa Fowles

100 Year Party

There are a lot of beautiful pieces for spring and summer at 100 Year Party right now. This shop is the new incarnation of what was formerly Pour Porter and I’m still in love with their merchandise selection and aesthetic. Some of my current favorites are everything from Atelier Delphine — the check dress with rope belt, stunning pebble dye Chloe jacket (SO IN LOVE!) and Lyric pant, and the natural Furoshiki rectangle bag. I also love the white NOT Side Pleat pants and all the amazing Sydney Brown shoes. More HERE.









Images courtesy of 100 Year Party.


There are so many shoes from Coclico that I’d love to add to my closet. Their new 1970s-inspired spring collection has a lot of beauties that look comfy to boot. Some of my favorites are the pairs that include leather printed with designs by Portland’s Haley Ann Robinson — whose work I’ve mentioned before. My faves for the new season are those white Pink Flats, the black Golden Flats, printed Golden Flats, Rush Sandals, Doobie Flats, Yola Sandals, Ros Sandals and the Noir Wedges. I also LOVE the Iris and Ivonne. More HERE and HERE.

“A decade that conjures the memory of so many idle hours spent in total abandon; the warmth of the sun and the magic of twilight lingering with kindred spirits in the halcyon days of summer.” — Coclico on the 1970s















Have a wonderful weekend!! I’ve caught some kind of awful flu and it sounds like a car driving on a gravel road when I breathe. I had so many fun plans for the weekend, but they have quickly devolved to tea and juice chugging while sleeping or watching Game of Thrones. I hope you all evade this beast — it really does a number on you. Have fun! xo Jen


This ballet pink leather jacket is so good. (25% off code HAPPY thru 2/27)

A cute, super versatile dress in white and navy. (40% off code EXTRA40)

A sweet striped dress — so simple.

This floral dress is STUNNING.

I like how these jeans fit. (25% off code HAPPY thru 2/27)

Such a good jumpsuit!

These denim overalls are such a sweet shape!

These black denim overalls look comfy too. (25% off code HAPPY thru 2/27)

Lovely French stripes. (30% off code PORTLAND1 thru 3/1)

A beautiful blush top perfect for sunny days ahead. (30% off code PORTLAND1 thru 3/1)

Thinking about ordering my favorite top in this pretty blue color.

I also LOVE my black silk backwards sailor top.

A perfect coat for walking along the coast and in forests!

I love this giant leather satchel. (40% off code EXTRA40)

Give me ALL these earrings, please.

Drooling over the moonstone eclipse earrings.

This fragrance sounds amazing — rose, sandalwood and warm spices.

This sounds good too — jasmine, neroli, rose, sandalwood. I love a good jasmine scent!

I LOVE THIS MAKEUP BAG. It’s even prettier in person.

Handy tips on how to care for black jeans — keep the black black.

I definitely need this spell kit!

I still think this is the dreamiest tarot deck.

WTF is happening!!? BANANAS.


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Saturday, Feb 28. Join Pigeon Toe, Nell & Mary and Make It Good for their big semi-annual seconds sale for ceramics, apparel and textiles at North of West. Shop 11AM to 3PM. North of West is located at 203 SW 9th Ave. MORE INFO.

Saturday, Feb 28 & Sunday, March 1. The huge PDX Collective Sale is happening this weekend! Don’t miss it — 11 wonderful local shops selling their wares for a song to make room for spring. The PDX Collective Sale is happening at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel 403 SW 10th Ave. MORE INFO.



PHOTOS ABOVE: Beautiful dresses by Madeleine Vionnet photographed by George Hoyningen-Huene in 1931.

Shop Visit: Lowell



Equal parts museum, gallery, and shop, Lowell is one of my favorite spots in town. Located just off the south end of North Mississippi and up the street from Beam & Anchor, Lowell’s small, colorful exterior belies the large and open interior where owners Maya and Dino have put together a wholly fun and reverent collection of objects. The shop showcases items from many world cultures, a special Southwest bent and goods from local artists. You’ll find ceramics, paper goods, vintage clothing, jewelry, rugs, and wood carvings in stock, displayed lovingly and with true curatorial flair.




I was lucky enough to visit Lowell on a surprisingly sunny winter day, which filled the space with warm, golden light. A steady stream of shoppers came and went, all on a first name basis with Maya and Dino, and it was lovely to be able to overhear their conversations about art and travel as I took in the beauty of the shop. Truthfully, I spent a little more time on my visit than usual as each corner pulled me in over and over, highlighting a gem I missed on my first look or just enticing me to take a closer look at something I had only glanced at before.



My shop favorites include Lowell’s custom candles that are handmade in very small batches (recent shop additions include candles poured into exclusive ceramic vessels made by local potter, Liam Drain), concrete fruit planters by New York’s Chen & Kai, vintage turquoise rings, cassette tape releases from Eggy Records, and illustrated calendars from Clay & Wiley Hickson. Maya and Dino just returned from the Southwest and have lots of new items from the trip hitting the shop now.




Lowell is located at 819 North Russell in Portland. Stop by 12 to 7 Wednesday through Sunday and follow them on Lowell on Facebook and @lowellshopgallery on Instagram.



This post and photographs are by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Make sure to visit Allison’s lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur