Happy Friday, friends! I just want to wish you a happy weekend. I’d intended to do a big Friday links roundup post, but got so caught up in the Democratic convention (AMAZINGLY GOOD, like 100% crying for 4 days and feeling all the feelings) and some much needed self-care (I dislocating a rib trying to lift things much too heavy for me to ever be able to lift!!! OUCH.) that time got away from me. There are lots more fun posts coming next week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. You are amazing and powerful. xo Jen ♥

PHOTO: Cut-out dresses and sandals. Glamour Magazine from April 1960. Still relevant!


Winsome girls in meadows. There’s just something bewitching about winsome girls in meadows. Maybe it’s because we’d all rather be lollygagging in a field in a pretty dress instead of doing the multitudes of tasks we need to get done all week. This Cacharel S/S 2016 collection is really capturing that dream for me right now. Plus, I really need new eyeglasses and these designs are what I’ve been looking for. The only problem is that I can’t seem to find many places to shop for them online. Even the luxury department stores don’t seem to stock Cacharel, which is a shame because they always have such beautiful collections especially the florals in spring and summer. I found this pretty watercolor silk dress and this wonderful skirt. More Cacharel available HERE.

P.S. My A Roll In the Meadow mixtape is a perfect soundtrack for this lookbook vibe.











Rose-Tinted Visions

honey-kennedy-rose-tinted sunglasses-kate-spade-lorelle-pink

1. Crystal Pink Super Spaceship // 2. Crystal Pink One Astronaut // 3. Pink Lorelle // 4. Gloss Pink CSA // 5. Rose Gold Mirror Square // 6. Peach Boxwood // 7. Blush Retro // 8. Beige Dream of Me 9. Pink “The Zoe” // 10. Pink Oversized // 11. Brushed Gold Drop Top // 12. Pink Gals Pool

I fell down a rabbit hole of beautiful sunglasses online a couple weeks ago and started working on this post. Then I realized that with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coming up (it’s going on now), a lot of these would probably be on sale if I waited to post them. Well, that was my theory! Of course, I forgot that so many of the things I personally love are never the things that go on sale in the end. SO, here we are, and only these blush beauties are 40% off. I tried. At least they offer free shipping! Plus, my little rose-tinted roundup features pretties from $12 to $320 and they’re all cute. You can click the pics in this roundup, too! ♥

Well Travelled Bride

I’ve really been impressed by the beautiful work that Kelsey Genna and Yvette Edwards have been doing for their new project Well Travelled Bride. Kelsey brings her stunning bridal dress creations and knowledge of amazing international venues that is fostered by savvy wanderlust. Yvette is a masterful florist and prop stylist who creates epic bouquets, floral accessories, and arrangements, as well as looking after the little details that make a ceremony extra special. Well Travelled Bride combines all their insights and skills, making it an excellent wedding guide resource for people looking to tie the knot, honeymoon, or have another fabulous affair. Bridal can get so plain and stodgy — I love what they’re doing.

I love the first story below about some lovely ladies who elope to Wellington, New Zealand, in a helicopter for a gorgeous clifftop ceremony with both brides wearing dreamy dresses by Kelsey Genna and the floral arrangements by Yvette Edwards are incredible and put the romance over the top. Besides inspiration, the WTB stories offer loads of information about their resources. The second story below about a couple having their destination wedding in Bali is beautiful as well (that venue!). There are many more beautiful ideas HERE.













WELLINGTON // Photography: Sarah Burton Bespoke Gowns: Kelsey Genna Floral + Prop Styling: Yvette Edwards Hair + Makeup: Natalee Fisher Jewelry: Tory & Ko.

BALI // Photography: ALMA Bespoke Gowns: Kelsey Genna Floral + Prop Styling: Yvette Edwards Hair + Makeup: Bali Armory Wedding Stationery: Kelly Lee Venue: Mulia Resort

Betsy & Iya: Me + You Pt. 2

I love the new Betsy & Iya collection that just launched! Betsy’s new designs for You + Me Pt 2 delve back into the relationship between two people moving from acquaintances to the comfort of a close bond and joyous friendship or romantic relationship that was originally explored in You + Me Pt 1. The dance of getting to know someone and ultimately feeling at ease and trusting and supporting each other — no matter how long it takes you to get there. It’s about getting to the point of feeling happy and whole with the special people in your life. Double lines, rounded edges, mirrored shapes — many of these beautiful pieces, from both collections, in brass, bronze, and silver, fit together and complement one another.

My faves are the Spina Hoop Earrings, the Liv Stud Earrings, the Makou Cuff Bracelet, the Elska Earrings, the Rakkaus Necklace, the Oss Stud Earrings, the Liv Ring (matches the earrings!), and that black leather and brass Lumiko Necklace. More HERE.

Hey! Portland locals and visitors — make sure to stop by the amazing Betsy & Iya brick and mortar shop. They stock all the wonderful things that they make and more awesomeness from other independent designers! Betsy & Iya is located at 2403 NW Thurman St. ♥