Tippicanu Clothing for Kids

My friends’ daughter is one of the models for this adorable children’s clothing line, Tippicanu, based in Seattle and Los Angeles. The photos crack me up because the outfits look like wee versions of the styles that a lot of my grown up girlfriends wear. As I flipped through the photos, I started giggling and calling out the names of their adult counterparts within my group of pals… then I realized that the one in black and white would be named “Jen”. Check the Tippicanu sale section–it is pretty amazing!

images courtesy of Tippicanu

You can find a list of Tippicanu stockists, HERE.

One Response to “Tippicanu Clothing for Kids”
  1. i love the cutie laughing so modestly in her turquoise skirt! i would be the pigtailed blondie… bc i am wearing pigtails!

    come to green dragon tonight for my last day of work happy hour! 6pm :)