Colenimo F/W 2010

I love the Colenimo Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, inspired by Busby Berkeley, tap and the ever lovely Ruby Keeler. This cozy collection is called, “A Quarter To Nine” and is named after an Al Jolson tune that Ruby dances to in an old film. I’m very keen on old musicals and Berkeley’s wildly creative, pre-code choreography has been an inspiration to me since I was a child (I was an odd one). The styling for the Colenimo’s fall collection has a definite 1930’s feeling, but the pieces are modern and don’t seem at all costume. See more in the Colenimo lookbook online.

I recommend a few movies that pair Keeler and Berkeley: Gold Diggers of 1933, Footlight Parade, 42nd Street and Dames. Another fun old Berkeley film (sans Keeler) is Roman Scandals. Watch the movie closely and you’ll spy uncredited, baby-faced Goldwyn Girls, Lucille Ball, Paulette Goddard and Barbara Pepper. There is also great old documentary called, “The Love Goddesses“, that I highly recommend! So many great old movies… I could ramble on for days.

all images courtesy of Colenimo

Photographer: Mitsuaki Murata
Make-up Artist: Natsumi Watanabe
Hair Artist: Maki Tanaka

3 Responses to “Colenimo F/W 2010”
  1. wow – that collection is incredible! I wonder where this was shot – the top building looks exactly like my office in Dublin!

  2. Liz says:

    Those are lovely! I am so excited to see navy come to the fashion forefront again:)

  3. abby says:

    Um, best collection ever!
    Wow, I adore each and everyone of these looks.
    And “Footlight Parade”? awesome.