twigs and honey…

I am often gobsmacked over how clever and incredibly talented my friends are. This recent Twigs & Honey lookbook photo shoot is a perfect example.


Myra Callan of Twigs & Honey makes these magnificent hair adornments and accessories. She only sleeps about 45 minutes every night (OK – maybe it is more like 5 hours) because her mind is a constant swirl of silk and feathers. She has really knocked herself out and created the most elegant collection. I’m in awe!

Elizabeth Dye makes the most beautiful, special gowns and other garments at her shop, The English Dept.. She is part of the backbone of Portland’s thriving fashion design scene… and she is fun to have a cocktail or three with.

I think Chelsea Fuss, from Frolic! and Project Wedding, may actually speak some sort of botanical language because plants, flowers and the props around them seem to adore her enough to do whatever she fancies. She is a fantastic stylist and an endless fountain of ideas to make special occasions even more memorable.

Madeline Roosevelt of Madi Cosmetics is a genius with dolling people up. I’ve spent a lot of time looking through photographs from local fashion designers and other creatives. When I stop to admire the hair and makeup in the photo, 9 times out of 10 it was a shoot that Madi had a hand in.

Then, of course, to document all of the loveliness that these ladies are creating, there are the incomparable photo skillz of Lisa Warninger. She has an ability to capture a moment, the tiniest glint in someone’s eye that makes you feel like you know them and are transported right there too. Amazing!

The models for this shoot are a trio of even more wonderful and creative Portland ladies. Olivia Bee is a fantastic photographer. I don’t know Olivia, but I feel like I have been watching her grow up as she hones her craft via her Flickr posts over the past few years. Jade Sheldon is an accomplished visual artist with piercing eyes and fiery red hair. Kate Troedsson is greatly talented, has a clear love for fashion and always stands out to me because of her gorgeous freckles.

(L to R: Jade, Kate & Olivia)

Seriously amazing, ladies! Myra couldn’t have picked a better group to elevate her already stunning work to such a magical place. You are all great inspirations to me. I know you each work so hard at your craft and it absolutely always shows.

More, please. ♥

photos by lovely Lisa Warninger

4 Responses to “twigs and honey…”
  1. chelsea says:

    Aw.. what a sweet post!! Thank you, Jen!!


  2. This is wonderful. Thanks for the post Jen. You are an incredible talent yourself! I’m so happy to know such a great group of girls.

  3. Jade says:

    I don’t know how I ever missed this post! So lovely and well said. You words made me feel beautiful :)

    ♥ Jade

  4. Jen McCabe says:

    Oh, Jade! That makes me so happy to hear!! ♥

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