The Suffrage Banners

I’m so moved by this brilliant collection of banners from the women’s suffrage movement at The Women’s Library in England. I know we aren’t “there” yet globally, but I’m feeling very thankful to the women and men who fought for my right to vote. I imagine that there were countless hours of hopeful conversation, bonding, witty banter and planning happening around candlelight and hearth while these were being created.

Thinking about this makes me appreciate how relatively carefree the craft nights I’m able to share with my friends are now. It is relaxing and almost perfect. We don’t talk about it much, but as I look around the room, I know that someday all of my friends will be able to marry their sweethearts or have the choice to not marry their sweethearts. Again, I thank the suffragists from all over the world for fighting for my civil rights, so I can better fight for the rights of others.

Many of these designs and illustrations were conceived by Mary Lowndes who was instrumental in the Artists Suffrage League and a leader in the Arts and Crafts Movement. I love Mary’s beautiful watercolors.

all images courtesy of The Women’s Library at VADS

4 Responses to “The Suffrage Banners”
  1. Sweet Ronit says:

    Very thoughtful post, Jen (and good timing – there’s some important stuff to weigh in on next week). The banners are interesting to me from a graphic design perspective too.

    Have you been watching Boardwalk Empire, by any chance? It’s interesting to see how few rights women had back then (of course, you would love the fashion and styling of the show too!).

  2. Jen McCabe says:

    I LOVE Boardwalk Empire. I want to cancel our cable subscription, but I don’t want to stop watching Boardwalk Empire! The clothes are as gorgeous as the acting is brilliant.

  3. penni lowndes says:

    how proud of my heritage am i?? Very.