Talula: Hearts & Daggers

Remember my post about lovely Aritzia house line, Wilfred? Well, here is Wilfred’s little sister, Talula. When I first saw these photos, I was immediately flummoxed that I hadn’t had access to the entire line when I was in high school. This initial reaction made me feel that Talula might be a bit juvenile for me now, but a few weeks have passed and I’ve changed my mind. Seeing them in person helped!

I’ve decided that I’d love to wear this nautical sweater or Talula’s angsty heart and dagger sweater with the fancy new necklace from Bittersweets. The necklace is the glammed up version of the one that has been on my wish list for the past four (!) years. Hey–and if some neanderthal jock were to push me down a flight of stairs and call me ‘witch’, it would be just like high school.

I recently went to (gasp!) the mall to check out the Aritzia shop and was happy that the Wilfred and Talula garments were as nice up close as they are in their brilliantly styled lookbook images. The store seems a bit out of place in the mall setting because the clothes are much more interesting and well-made than you’d usually see in a retail chain. This may be because the company is still privately owned. The girls working in the shop seem to really love where they work and lovely Stefanie was particularly enthusiastic about her employers and the new Fall 2010 collections.

That Wilfred cashmere cocoon coat should be coming in mid-November, but it will only be in stocked in black or charcoal–you’ll have to special order the camel color. My favorite pieces in person were this striped sweater in cream and blue and this funny fellow.

images courtesy of Talula for Aritzia (see credits below)

Styling: Charlotte Stokes
Photography: Francisco Garcia
Art Director: Maria Rosales

4 Responses to “Talula: Hearts & Daggers”
  1. Sweet Ronit says:

    I love the heart and dagger sweater and the cardi – I’d totally wear those! Funny, a friend was recently telling me about Artitzia. She said that, yes, even though it’s way out there, it’s worth checking out. Seems like you think so too!

  2. Brehan Todd says:

    Hey Jen,

    I love this collection! The colors are amazing!

  3. dana says:

    so glad you showed me this, you have a consistent eye for finding greattttt things :)

  4. Colleen says:

    I love Aritzia and am at Washington Square Mall too frequently…
    Lovely post!