First Aid Kit

Lovely Carina heard my plea from my last post about wanting to be exposed to new music and bands that I might enjoy. She sent me some links that I am so excited to go through, but this duo of Swedish sisters, First Aid Kit, has already stolen my heart.

I remember seeing a snippet of their video cover of Fleet Foxes’ ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ a few years ago and I’m so glad that Carina brought them back to my ears. Johanna and Klara Söderberg’s songs remind me of gorgeous sea shanties, ghost stories and folktales all at once. Perfect heartbreaking beauty–my favorite kind. They open their mouths and nightingales fly out.

I’m looking forward to their upcoming release with Jack White’s Third Man Records: “On January 18, Third Man will release First Aid Kit’s White-produced cover of Buffy Sainte-Marie’s “Universal Soldier” with their studio take on Karen Dalton’s version of blues standard “It Hurts Me Too” on the flip side. The single will be available to purchase on iTunes as well as the 7-inch vinyl online and in stores.”

It looks as though Facebook or Myspace may be the best place to keep up with these ladies for now. Here are a few of my favorite from First Aid Kit’s videos on YouTube… Thanks, Carina! xo



7 Responses to “First Aid Kit”
  1. Inge says:

    Thank you so much for this, I love it!

  2. I love these ladies. Seriously amazing.

  3. Leanne says:

    Beautiful! What gorgeous voices. Reminds me just a little of Mountain Man–

  4. Jen McCabe says:

    I know! I’m addicted to their music now.

  5. Amy Wing says:

    Catching up on blog posts I missed over the holidays and just wanted to pop on to say I LOVE First Aid Kit! We saw them when they came to town this past summer and they were lovely. Their voices, lyrics and charming personalities on stage were perfect.

  6. Jen McCabe says:

    Amy! I was wondering where you’ve been on Twitter. How was your holiday?? I really want to go see First Aid Kit next time they come here.

  7. Amy Wing says:

    I would totally love to see them again, so maybe we can go together! ;)