I love you, man.

These new engraved love notes from NY’s Dempsey & Carroll shop are so sweet. The four designs (Fox, Horseshoes, Owl & Bee) are available in sets or individually. I love the horseshoes and I also adore their wonderful nautical selection–I think it is very romantic too. ♥

If you love having pretty stationery around the house, see my post on Dempsey & Carroll’s dreamy John Derian Collection. The designs are so beautiful and the proceeds from that collection go to an amazing charity.

This company has been around since 1878–that makes me so, so happy to know.

all images courtesy of Dempsey & Carroll

2 Responses to “I love you, man.”
  1. trish says:

    i love these!

  2. Jen McCabe says:

    Then you should buy them and send me love notes! :)