I’ll Keep It With Mine

I’ve had some new followers lately and I wanted to say “Hello!” and let you all know that I very much appreciate your reading Honey Kennedy. I really look forward to hearing from you. I love doing this and it makes me ridiculously happy to read your comments and emails, truly. Also, if you are interested in hearing it, I’ll be posting my first 8tracks.com music mix soon!

I wanted to give some link love to posts that I’ve enjoyed lately, but have been too busy to mention. I really want to figure out a way to post links to other blogs more regularly. There are so many blogs that I think are wonderful and love to peruse with a big pot of tea when I get the time nestle in with them. I rarely get my own blog content from other bloggers, so I feel like I want to find a format on Honey Kennedy to give props to some of the interesting posts I come across.

The reason I spend so much time crediting as many people as I can in my posts is simple: I believe most people go through life without getting the credit they truly deserve. This was especially true in some of the jobs I’ve had for bigger companies, but it happens all the time and can feel heartbreaking. Because of this, I work really, really hard on my posts trying to credit everyone involved in a creative project. Everyone plays a role–designers, stylists, photographers, makeup artists, visual artists, directors, musicians, the list goes on and on. I just think it is so important to honor people whose work you find to be a source of inspiration. It also always makes people feel good to be recognized for their hard work.

I’ve been so thrilled to work on my own blog (instead of spending all my time blogging for a big corporation), but I guess I had a sort of rose-tinted idea about the way it would be out in the indie blog world. I think I was a little naive about the level of support that would be there from other bloggers. I don’t expect people to go to the same lengths to credit others as I do, but when a blogger uses me as a source for their own content and doesn’t credit me—that is when my heart sinks. If they are doing it to me—they are also doing it to other writers and bloggers. Can’t everyone stop to consider how much it helps to get credit? It makes me so sad, especially when I see women exploiting the hard work of other women.

I think I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a fog lately because of this disappointment and I need to release myself from it. This post is my way of pushing back—it is my way of doing the opposite of what has been sad, frustrating and, at moments, disheartening. One of my 2011 Intentions was to stop spending time on people who are unappreciative or selfish. Another was to give credit to people who are supportive, demonstrative and wonderful. As much as some things have been bumming me out, there are so many people who are smart, talented, funny and part of what is starting to feel like mighty boughs of a community that I am happy to be finding my place in. I truly appreciate all of you out there–you amaze me. ♥

Now, on with a little link and image love (images link directly to their photogs)…

  • Anja is getting so good at making videos. I love this, this and this fancy new one.
  • My friend, Marika, put this cute outfit together. Yes, she even put a bird on it.
  • The tiles, herringbone hardwoods, velvet & stained glass. My dream home.
  • The stove and everything above it in this home tour post from Victoria.
  • This looks delicious and pretty. I am going to try to make it this week.
  • I loved Diana’s post about Gossip Girl solidarity and things Hila likes.
  • The bathtub and fancy stained glass in this home that Jane posted.
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing Ronit’s shoot with Entermodal.
  • ALL of Lauren’s posts have been absolutely gorgeous for months.
  • This amazing Thea Porter dress of dreams that Chelsea posted.
  • I adore this post from Siubhan. Such amazing old photographs.
  • Erin Jane’s lovely blog is new to me and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Matt makes me feel like I don’t know how to do anything.
  • My friend Isa’s recipe looks like barf, but tastes amazing.
  • I’m excited to see how Chelsea’s apartment turns out.
  • Nichole’s fancy cheese project is making me drool.
  • Kate’s new haircut looks absolutely adorable.
  • My friend, Carrie, made a funny TV show.
  • Cute Caitlin in her new Warby Parkers.
  • Now available for pre-order. So lovely!
  • Jena’s Labyrinth-inspired future list.
  • Caitlin’s portraits of Dita Von Teese.
  • I loved seeing Anabela’s essentials.
  • I really want to see this movie.
  • Ana’s cats are freaking me out.
  • This amazing post by Maggie.
  • Mallory’s lovely napping post.
  • I’d like to see this movie.
  • Megan’s pretty rings.
  • All these stockings.
  • A sad goodbye.
  • HERE as well.
  • IMAGE CREDITS (photos are all linked to photogs!):

    1. *Have you seen Invisible Mending? Gail O’Hara has.

    2. Books by Annie Stephens.

    3. Piano and Liberty cotton by my sweet friend, Carina.

    4. Going cross country by lovely Megan.

    5. Francesca’s Opium Den.

    6. *Gail’s pink Parisian sofa still life.

    7. *Parlophone at a friend’s house–still life by Gail O’Hara.

    8. Andrea’s camera by wonderful Nicolle.

    9. *Photograph album still life by Gail.

    10. Cotton candy by Ariana.

    11. Telephone by my pal, Abby.

    12. *A beautiful photo of Trish Keenan ♥ that Gail snapped.

    ( *All by my über-amazing, dear friend, Gail O’Hara. You should also check out Chickfactor and Gail’s fantastic film about Stephin Merritt & the Magnetic Fields!)

    18 Responses to “I’ll Keep It With Mine”
    1. abby says:

      I love this post, Jen!
      Amen, amen, amen to all that you say here.

    2. Matt says:

      Efff those selfish jerks! Jen, I have to say the content you’re curating here is top notch and I’m happy to have met you and come across your blog lately. AND you’re one of my top reasons for having a Pinterest account too… I don’t have to pin squat, I just follow the great stuff you’re finding!

    3. nicolle says:

      well said Jen. I know exactly how you feel. I have people using my images and my blog posts without giving credit ALL the time. it makes me sad too. especially when people try to take credit for my photos. it happens alot with my Polaroid shots. but with that said there are a lot of really great bloggers like you who give credit were credits due and that helps melt the sadness away. ;)

    4. Mallory says:

      I loved this (both the links and the crediting talk at the top).

      One of my pet peeves (that I’ve been tempted to do a post about myself) is how some (not all) “bigger” or “more popular” bloggers seem to stop crediting once they reach a high level of site traffic. They credit where the item / photos / whatever comes from (which is good) – but they don’t credit the blog they found it on. I don’t know if they think it’s not necessary anymore? It confuses me endlessly.

      And it’s always pretty obvious to me which blog they found it on, because I subscribe to more blogs than some would imagine is possible… so I always end up thinking “yeah you totally found that on _____________ – but yet you make no mention of them”. This has happened to me, but it also irks me just as much when I see it happen to someone else. I know that a larger blog is more apt to get a ridiculous amount of submissions, but not everything is submissions. C’mon people. If Where the Lovely Things Are suddenly exploded and became one of the most-frequented-design-blogs I’d feel an even BIGGER responsibility to post things that haven’t been seen elsewhere and to credit, not less of one. The smaller blogs linking to the big ones are one of the huge reasons why they’re popular to begin with! Reciprocate the link love! I end up unsubscribing to a lot of rather-popular blogs because it feels like they’re just reposting the stuff I saw on “smaller” blogs weeks before. It’s like the trickle-down effect from the fashion world (runway all the way down to like forever 21), but there is no reason why it has to be that way.

      Okay. Sorry for the ramble but I’ve wanted to get that off my chest for awhile. Ultimately, I feel like if you’re too busy to spend the time to find original content that hasn’t been blogged about before, you should at least throw out a link to the blog who did the work finding the awesome and little-seen new collection or artist. Don’t be a lazy blogger, folks. Be like Jen! Seriously though.

    5. jena says:

      Thanks for including me with all these lovelies Jen!

      And welcome to one of the downsides of being involved in this little bloggy community. There have been so many times during my 5 years blogging at Modish when I’ve gotten almost fed up enough to just stop blogging entirely. Especially in the beginning- I was feeling like my original ideas or content were being “copied”, I’ve found so many of my photos/layouts on other blogs uncredited. But it gets to be too much to police it and a waste of energy I could be using in a positive way. So, I had to just let it go, keep charging ahead, keep trying to come up with better ideas and make the content as original as I can. There are always going to be copiers and people who either don’t understand blogging/credit etiquette or just don’t care to participate in it, but I’ve seen lots of those blogs that first upset me come and go, while I’m still here. People can’t survive long on the coattails of other’s good ideas- at least, I hope not!

      I’m glad to have you in our blogging community- you have great taste, an original voice and I’ve found lots of new goodies on your blog I’ve not seen elsewhere. You’re doing an amazing job here and I hope you stay inspired to keep it up!

    6. Inge says:

      Thank you for this post, you helped me discover some great new things. Can’t wait to see Never Let Me Go now.

    7. Maggie says:

      Love this, Jen. As Mallory eloquently says, it is great to have you in the blogging community. One of the things I love about your blog is how original all of your content is–after scrolling though my blog reader and seeing much of the same pretty pictures re-hashed on a variety of blogs, your content is always fresh, and in the world of fashion/design/etc. blogs, that is really commendable.
      Keep up the great blogging, and don’t let the people who aren’t as conscientious about their referencing (as frustrating as it is) get you down.

    8. Melissa says:

      What a sweet idea!

    9. Megan says:

      aw, thanks so much for including my road trip photo!

      i completely agree with you, cheers to giving credit where credit is due!

    10. kater says:

      I love this post! So many lovely things to click! And thank you for including me <333

      Lately, I notice that it seems a lot of people are trying to fight back to the non-credit givers. It's so disheartening when it happens, even when it's just a picture that doesn't link back. Ugh, why! It's so easy to do! Cheers to you, lovely!!

    11. Sweet Ronit says:

      Wow! I feel so honored to be included amongst such choice picks. Thanks Jen! I love the GG link especially – the season is off to a fun start, don’t you think?

      There are so many things I love about your blog – it’s so cohesive and well-written and beautiful. You put so much thought into your posts and they’re always so unique – keep it up please!

    12. tamera jane says:

      I have to say, I only very rarely read blogs that curate external content (like new fashions, etc, because they always feel so same-same) & yours stands out as super original and always has some designer I’ve never heard of that gets me excited again. Plus you’ve got an eagle eye or something, it blows me away that you have time to post so much! so, thank you for those of us who don’t seek out this stuff, and thank you for always finding such goodies!!

    13. Jen McCabe says:

      Thanks so much, you guys. I have a lot to say about this subject and have bottled it up for a while now aside from blurting it out via Twitter DM to a couple of people… ha! Oh dear. Thanks so much for making me feel like I have a place within all of the madness online. Sometimes I feel so alienated from what seems to be kind of an enormous design clique that is often over-saturated with sameness–only crediting a handful of the same people over and over. As in my in-person life, all my friends online (readers and peers) are truly stacking up to be the smartest, most clever, most truly creative, most thoughtful, coolest, most beautiful faces on the block. So, those thieves can just keep selfish and I’ll try not to let it hurt me as much, because I am the lucky one.

    14. Siubhan says:

      So many great links here, and thank you so much for the inclusion!

      I’ve noticed how good you are with your crediting before, and I really admire your principles. Everything you say on the subject makes sense, and like the other commenters I’m constantly amazed by how original and well researched your content is. Cheers to you, indeed!

    15. I am enamored by this post. Taking the time to give a shout out to those you love, like, or are inspired by is to be commended. This must have taken all day long to do; and I just spend an hour and a half on this bright, sunny Seattle day clicking on each and every highlighted mention. I am now going to get up from my screen and go for a walk knowing that you are one cool chick.

    16. Oh Jen, I’m so flattered to be included here.

      I know how you feel and feel it often. It’s why I have a rule not to repost content from other blogs. It’s definitely harder work to research and write original content, but I think the world needs content creators not syndicators.

      I also stopped following blogs that simply reblog content from around the blogosphere. It means every blog I follow now is unique and intelligent and original.

      Keep up your hard work and hang in there.

    17. suze says:

      Jen, I would have said exactly what you and Mallory did, though less eloquently and graciously. I try to keep the venom to a minimum but it’s very difficult at times. I’ve cancelled my Tumblr and Pinterest in frustration and deleted more bookmarked blogs than you’d imagine.

      That said, I’m thrilled to have found you! In this world of same old, same old, I look forward to your unique(and properly credited!) content with glee! Thank you so much for your dedication, hard work and thoughtfulness.