My 2011 Intentions


  • Sleep more.
  • Drink even more water.
  • Keep up with all exercises–not just the crunches.
  • Walk Zelda for 3-6 miles at least every other day.
  • Do everything my naturopath says because she is always right.
  • “Do” my hair more often.
  • Read lots of books.
  • Plan meals and grocery shop in advance.
  • Cook some elaborate feasts for loved ones.
  • Host more fun get togethers at home.
  • Find more new music/bands that I enjoy.
  • Go to the opera.
  • Go to the ballet.
  • Go to more art openings.
  • Take a few sewing classes.
  • Start drawing again.
  • Rewatch some of my favorite films.
  • Make some of the things I’ve thought about making for years.
  • Start thinking about how to edit my grandparents’ wonderful memoirs.
  • Put more work into my lovely book ideas.
  • Purge by having a BIG yard sale, but embrace the clutter.
  • Put some of my vintage stuff on Etsy.
  • Be better about documenting and archiving (taking photos, using Flickr, etc)
  • Blog more about other things I love: music, travel, interiors, film, food, art and architecture.
  • Blog more about the other bloggers who I think are rad.
  • Figure out how to get more personal on my blog without exhausting people.
  • Reevaluate friendships, expectations and needs. Be honest with myself about who I can truly count on, who makes an effort and who often takes me for granted.
  • Stop helping people who are selfish, ‘all talk’ and/or unappreciative and don’t actively reciprocate support. Period.
  • Give even more time, props and support to the wonderful people in my life who are demonstrative, thoughtful and actively supportive.
  • Learn to be more discriminating and pass on projects that are too time consuming and won’t really benefit me in any way.
  • Learn my limits about how much I can honestly take on before it just becomes too stressful and unhealthy.
  • Don’t work with anyone who would devalue my experience, what I do or what I am capable of or anyone who fails to give other people the credit they deserve.
  • Have more adventures.
  • Prance through the fields.
  • Take more road trips to explore Oregon, Washington and California.
  • Go to NY for a much needed aimless wander and to see my pals.
  • Focus on my family.
  • Go to the ocean as often as possible.
  • Try not to worry so much.
  • Remember that I am loved.


    Image Credits: 1. Bed by Laura Taylor 2. Car ride by Margaret Durow 3. Field romp by Candace Meyer 4. Cashmere coat + lights by Wish Wish Wish 5. Tiled floor by Fanja Ralison 6. Books by Bryan Ferry 7. MBV LP by Dan Brogan 8. Old phonograph + bedroom by Rostbiff 9. Striped love by Maren Celest 10. In the dining room by Erica Shires for Erica Tanov

    7 Responses to “My 2011 Intentions”
    1. So lovely! Great resolutions!!

    2. jena says:

      Definitely great intentions and many are reminders for us all. Happy happy new year! Can’t wait to see how your space evolves here over 2011 :)

    3. Megan says:

      this is such a great list, very inspiring! i’ve been looking for a good naturopath in Portland, do you have someone to recommend?

      happy new year!!

    4. Madeleine says:

      These are completely awesome. Looks like 2011 will be a fabulous year.

    5. I love this list. I made a major effort to cut out people who aren’t on my side last year. It meant a lot of purging in both real life and of my online world. But I really only want reciprocal relationships – I’m not interested in being a one-way street fan. It made such a huge difference… it’s amazing what limiting your exposure to eroding forces can do for your confidence.

      I wish you a balanced and happy 2011, Jen! xx

    6. Jen McCabe says:

      Thanks, ladies! Happy New Year to you! All the best for you this year. xoxo

      Megan–I will email you her info! She is amazing.

      Jane–that is exactly what I mean… it’s going to be hard. For all my talk, I don’t actually know how to really let go of people. I get so hopeful and want to help people and be supportive… then it hurts when they do nothing in return when they easily could. This will be difficult. Thanks for your encouraging words. xo

    7. lai-mai says:

      what a beautiful new year’s resolution list! hope all of these wonderful things make it onto your list of accomplishments come december 2011 :)