Pendleton: The Portland Collection

I’m SO excited about The Portland Collection for Pendleton by Portland designers Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk and John Blasioli. Nathaniel and Rachel are the designers behind one of my all-time favorite PDX labels, church + state. You can really see their point-of-view and signature details in these pieces. I love the Elks lodge feel of the Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook–for me, that is quintessential Portland.

“Perennial pleated skirts, wool plaids and Western wear are the heart of Pendleton, but The Portland Collection will have a designer feel, an urban sensibility and a versatility factor.”–Mort Bishop, Pendleton Woolen Mills President

That red/brown plaid wool is killing me. KILLING. And the bags… THE BAAAGS.

UPDATE: Check out The Portland Collection website and Facebook page.

all images courtesy of Pendleton (photography by Chris Hornbecker Photography)

25 Responses to “Pendleton: The Portland Collection”
  1. Nicole says:

    Can it be August already? We can’t wait. So exciting to be part of this as a Portland native!

  2. Randall says:

    more photos of some Portland Collection on my blog.

  3. Donna says:

    Did anyone else happen to notice that Pendleton are selling REAL FUR?!! Doesn’t that bother anyone else?