Secret Squirrel: I’m Not Like Them

Here is a sneak peek of the wonderful new Secret Squirrel Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection, “I’m Not Like Them”. The range was inspired by the ‘grunge’ music movement of the nineties. As someone who grew up in Seattle, right smack dab in the middle of the local rock scene, I can say that I can see the influence in a number of pieces, but nobody looked anywhere near as pretty (and clean) as model, Yasmine Staub, looks here! I feel like this is a loose interpretation–the folks at Secret Squirrel have a beautiful, tailored aesthetic that (thankfully) overshadows the flannels of yesteryear.

“I’m not like them, but I can pretend.”–Kurt Cobain

When I was a wee teen I worked at the O.K. Hotel, the all-ages music venue/cafe in Seattle where Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, etc would play regularly (a lot of scenes from Singles + Hype! were filmed there). I saw hundreds of amazing bands (The Mummies, Huggy Bear, Pere Ubu, Bratmobile, Jello Biafra…), made a lot of amazing friends, served a lot of mediocre coffee and iced the lumps of a lot of stage divers behind the cafe counter. The outfit that is, for me, most reminiscent of that time is the Australian label’s Morning Bells Skirt with the over-sized, brown Hunting Bears Jumper. Also, there are a few dresses that are similar to, but nicer than, the now iconic babydoll dresses that were everywhere in the 90’s.

Please note: 1. Nobody who went to shows in Seattle ever used the term “Grunge”. 2. Nirvana really did become famous over night–that was really weird. 3. Kurt was a genuinely sweet guy. 4. There really needs to be way more all-ages music venues.

“I’m Not Like Them” will be in shops across Australia in March with more photos online in the next week or two. For now, here is a peek of my favorites from Bri and Andrew’s Secret Squirrel Fall/Winter Collection:

all images courtesy of Secret Squirrel

Photography: Dario Gardiman
Styling: Ilona Hamer
Model: Yasmine Staub
Hair: Leona Robinson (@ Suki Hairdressing)
Makeup: Nancy Sea Siler (MAC)

6 Responses to “Secret Squirrel: I’m Not Like Them”
  1. this is perfection. i love that yellow floral print!!

  2. Anabela says:

    These are so pretty! But if you hadn’t mentioned the word “grunge,” I would never have thought of it.

  3. Jen McCabe says:

    Anabela: Ha! Yeah–only a few really bring it straight to mind. The rest are very subtle…cotton shirts that are baggy, but a little cropped, etc.

    Lauren: It is the same beautiful fabric that I talked about in my Lonely Hearts “Little Bandits” post here: but Lonely hearts has dyed their lot of the same fabric with a very light pink. Both look so beautiful!

  4. Lisa Maria says:

    It’s nice to see a collection referencing the 90s without any flannel. It all seems very thought out. That long yellow floral dress is my favorite!

  5. Colleen says:

    Love the personal insight into the 90s music scene in Seattle. Such an entertaining anecdote! I have no such interesting stories from my youth, alas; I worked retail exclusively. PS. I want those clothes. all of them. they are so good. Is it wrong that I’m also very much jonesing for flannel shirts from J. Crew too?! -Colleen

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