West End Girls

I love Swedish designer Ulrika Sandström’s “West End Girls Collection” for F/W 2010. This collection was inspired by myths, cliches and preconceptions surrounding the UK in general, and London more specifically. Another big influence was the song “London!” by Frida Hyvönen which is a love letter to the city that sends no reply.

I would love to visit Ulrika Sandström’s concept store in Stockholm someday! And really, I’d love to hang out with her and listen to music as it seems we share some favorites. I would recommend Le Bonheur to her if she reads this post! (and anyone else reading who loves 60’s and 70’s French music)

“…London! The way you hate me is better than love and I’m head over heels London! The way you want to get rid of me makes me weak in the knees…” –Frida Hyvönen, some lyrics from “London!” 2009

To make way for spring, they are having a major sale in Ulrika’s online shop–50% off this collection as well as previous collections.

all images courtesy of Ulrika Sandström

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