Portland shops Una and Nationale are each carrying different fragrances I’d love to go sniff from Brooklyn-based company, MCMC. YAY! for organic roll-ons! I’m excited to stop by the shops and try them out this weekend.

Una is carrying the bulk of the line exclusively in their gorgeous Portland shop. I’m going crazy reading about MCMC’s Maine fragrance. As I’ve said before–I love trying scents based on the sea–they are usually what ends up working best on my skin. Perhaps because I’m so inspired by the sea?? I’m also curious to smell Hunter–it sounds sooo romantic.

Maine: Bulgarian rose absolute, local clary sage, wild Somalian myrhh and French seaweed absolute convey the fresh scents of sea, air, sun, pine, and the discovery of a single perfect beach plum rose. Dries down into the musky scent of sensual skin coupled with sun-dried grass. Maine is inspired by a day spent on the island of North Haven off the coast of Maine, falling in love.

Hunter: When Anne was younger she had a friend named Harrison, who she liked to call Hunter. He lent her the book Ishmael, and played guitar, and taught her about loving the environment.” Years later, memories of their long friendship and his adventures building maple sugar cabins in Vermont inspired the fragrance Hunter. With tobacco absolute, organic Bourbon vanilla and fir balsam, this fragrance is best if worn with a flannel shirt.

Dear May at Nationale is now carrying MCMC’s Dude No. 1 ‘Beard Oil’ and it sounds amazing. My husband uses some fantastic shaving oil and I’m always trying to get him to moisturize, so this might be perfect. Plus, the description just makes me think I’d be all up in his no-beard grill. May has also already tried it out on her own pretty face and loves it for the ladies too.

Dude No.1: Here is Anne’s description… Dude No. 1 is inspired by the man in my life. Fresh, spicy, and woody, this fragrance is the new classic manly scent that will make you want to get close. With Virginia cedarwood, green coriander and pink peppercorn. This formula is 100% natural and uses only essential oils, organic hemp seed oil and American jojoba oil.

The perfumer behind the MCMC line, Anne McClain, uses high quality ingredients and produces her fragrances in small batches. She even went to live and study in perfume capital, Grasse. I’ve had such a fantasy of going there for years. I’d love to hear Anne’s stories of learning the history in the exact location you should be to do it. I want to hear centuries old perfume gossip, really.

Images courtesy of MCMC

5 Responses to “MCMC”
  1. Anabela says:

    My kingdom for a scratch n’ sniff blog feature!!

  2. Jen McCabe says:

    In the future the children will laugh at the era when their grandparents couldn’t smell the internet.

  3. Sweet Ronit says:

    I received Maui for Valentine’s Day and I love it! Beautiful. I really liked Hunter too. I still need to check out Garden!

  4. Jen McCabe says:

    Ooh! Good to know. Dang, lady! You get such fantastic gifts from Romeo. He’s doing good!

  5. Priscila says:

    Ha, I know this post is old, but it came up on a recent one and I clicked. I received Hunter a couple of weeks ago in the mail and I ADORE it!!!!! it smells so comfy and alluring and just plain lovely. I tend to like long lasting strong sultry perfumes, so Hunter really fit into my collection. I want to smell Maine but I’m not sure if I’ll like it that much..