Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Such an odd coincidence–I’ve been talking about “mermaid hair” frequently this week–on (see my Whyred post) and off the blog. My friend, CoCo, came down for a visit from Seattle and after our hello hug she stared at me and said, “You look totally like a mermaid. YOUR HAIR!” Next my pal, Bria, went to see my amazing hairdresser for the first time this week and when I asked her how she liked it, she said, “She made me look like a mermaid!” So funny! Maybe it’s mermaid season?

Now lovely Catherine from See Creatures has gone and put together a very sweet hair-torial on creating your own fetching waves. If you have the locks to twirl, mermaid yourself! Romantic, wavy, shiny hair. Love it!

Supplies: 1″ curling iron, brush, and hair spray Time: 45 minutes (for thick hair)



Here are a few more cute ‘dos:

Messy Side Pony

Lauren’s personal hairdo challenge videos

The Side Chignon

♥ …and, always cute, Miss Kater’s version of the side chignon tutorial.

WAIT! I still need to master this look!

images courtesy of See Creatures

5 Responses to “Mermaid Hair Tutorial”
  1. hannah says:

    OMG! I used to wear a side ponytail(when I was like 15) all the time, and always took alot of smack over it. I still loved it, but eventually, I couldn’t take the teasing anymore and quit wearing one. That side chignon is like a totally grown up (way cooler) side ponytail! YES! Thank you Jen!

  2. Sweet Ronit says:

    That’s it – my hairdresser often gives me mermaid curls (well, now I have a name for them) but I can never make it look the same at home because I don’t have a curling iron. Time to get one! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my article on your blog~ <3 I am no hairdresser, and my tutorial is admittedly a bit sloppy, but I hope that it can help some people achieve the curls they want!

    Funny how mermaids apparently are on the mind these days! Maybe we're all just subconsciously longing for summer & beaches? :p

  4. Bria says:

    A mermaid zeitgeist. I love it! Kassandra gave me my most favorite hair cut ever. Thank you SO much for the tip off.

  5. Jen McCabe says:

    Hannah–isn’t your hair a little short now to do this? Are you going to bring back the side pony with a phonytail?

    Ronit–I also love my hot rollers for this. I just have a Conair set from Fred Meyer and they work really well! Plus, it’s fun to put them in.

    Catherine–I think you’re right. I’m so glad you put that little tutorial together. You have the prettiest locks, lady!! THANK YOU!

    Bria–SO GLAD. She is the best and her salon is so adorable. Next time you will make out with the puppies!!