Whyred S/S 2011

Here are some gorgeous looks from Roland Hjort’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, “Aspiration” for his Swedish clothing label, Whyred. This new collection is inspired by the lofty human aspiration of flight–embodied specifically by birds and their glossy feathers. They’ve even treated some of their fabrics to mimic the oily coating–the slick protective layer found on the wings of birds.

I think Whyred has really imbued their Mod-inspired line with more visual and tactile interest than a simple parka or shift. Their range for men is fantastic too!

all images courtesy of Whyred

3 Responses to “Whyred S/S 2011”
  1. what a gorgeous collection!

  2. Jen McCabe says:

    Isn’t it beautiful?? Sigh.

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