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Do you remember the gorgeous Filly Fall 2010 collection? Well, local lovely fashion designer, Emily Christensen, has done it again! The Filly Spring/Summer collection is absolutely stunning. I’ve been following her progress on her blog and let me tell you, she has worked so very hard on her new collection! It turned out beautifully. Soft, romantic clothes that fit perfectly and hang beautifully. I love her color palette for this season too–Toast, Sky, Straw and White–they really do look incredibly dreamy against that deliriously pretty backdrop of craggy, paint stripped walls.

On top of this collection, Emily recently showed another 24-piece (!!!) Filly collection in a runway show at Canada’s Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver, B.C.! I was planning to blog about that event, but life has become a little chaotic (house hunting, moving and sick pup) and I’ve been all out of sorts (Sorry, Emily!!). Read more about Filly at Eco Fashion Week on Emily’s blog. She has posted a play by play, lots of images and you can read all about her state of mind before, during and after. It’s really real, folks. Really real.

If you are lucky enough to live in Portland–you can even take a class with Emily at Portland Community College! It is a 10-week course where students will learn to design a “seasonal fashion collection” and take home a completed five piece line. Amazing! Also, a little shout out to Mrs. Anja–check out the awesome Filly-centric posts she’s been working on over at Clever Nettle. SUPER COOL!

Here are my favorites from the Filly SS 2011 lookbook (starring Skye Velten):

Images courtesy of Filly
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  1. anja louise says:

    It was so great to have these awesome clothes in my hand and get to try them all on! SO COMFY, so flattering, the kind of thing that you can put on in the morning and leave on all day without a thought of changing into “something comfy”, haha. Yay Filly!

  2. sarahbeth says:

    I love Emily, I love filly, I love this collection. It’s rare that I find things simple AND unique enough that I want to purchase them – being a designer my own self – but I absolutely need a top from this collection. And maybe a dress too. I love her color “toast”. I feel like that color sums up my summer feelings this year. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Caitlin Rose says:

    yea I saw this over at clever nettle. the clothes just look so comfortable.

  4. Jen McCabe says:

    Sarabeth–I thought you might love Emily too! You ladies seem to be cut from the same good cloth.

    Anja–Super posts, lady! So cool to see.

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  1. […] Jen also mentioned this, but I want to share it as well since I get a number of emails from people asking about sewing/design/patternmaking clases- Emily is teaching a class at PCC where you will learn everything you needed to know about how to build a seasonal collection and prepare your line for the public. I’m not ready for something like this yet, but if there are any designers out there who are feeling almost-but-not-quite ready to start sharing their creations, this could be a great class for you. I learned a lot from her just talking about fashion and design, how it fits into our lives, how our friends can be such perfect muses, what we want when we open our closets… there are a lot of great thoughts and ideas about fashion coming from this lady! […]

  2. […] want to thank Jen McCabe over at Honey Kennedy for her thoughtful and much appreciated post about Filly SS2011. I am grateful for any attention but to be mentioned on a blog that I deeply admire and read, well […]

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