After a brief foray into the world of liquid soap–we’re back to bars. Which is good because I had a number of really fancy bars saved up. We’ve made a pretty big dent in the soap armory and I’ve been keeping a list of new bars I’d love to try. These soaps by Maak Soap Lab over in Matt’s Wood & Faulk shop are close to the top of my list. They are handmade here in Portland and sound simple and perfect–coal/forest cleanliness!

More product lusting? I’ve also been gawking at this dreamy post from Anabela in anticipation of my self-imposed shopping ban being lifted. Pffft.

Images courtesy of Wood & Faulk. Photography by Lisa Warninger.

5 Responses to “Maak”
  1. Leanne says:

    I finally bought some Savon de Marseille olive oil soap from Nationale– so far I love it. It’s a pleasure to use! Planning to pick up more next time I get my hair cut (the salon is in the neighborhood).

  2. Caitlin Rose says:

    Today I saw some bar soup that was shampoo that had a really pretty label but I didn’t buy it, because, well sometimes I try to not buy things that I want to, and because I thought bar soup would be a bit weird for hair. But after this post I’m think I’ll give it a try, you gave me just the right push.

  3. Jen McCabe says:

    Leanne–I love the Savon de Marseille Rose soap too! Nationale is amazing.

    Caitlin Rose–Bar soup? Ha. Actually the Savon de Marseille big blocks of olive oil soap that Leanne just mentioned are great for your hair as well! Also–very economical–they last for frickin’ ever.

  4. Leanne says:

    Does it really work in your hair?? The girl minding the shop at Nationale mentioned that too, but I was skeptical. I think I will give it a try the next time I need a shampoo (I have dry, curly hair, so I tend to use cleansing conditioners and only shampoo once a week).

  5. Jen McCabe says:

    I’ve used it before in place of shampoo. I have kind of thick wavy hair, but not curly. It’s on the dry side too and I only shampoo 2x a week. I have to have conditioner no matter what, but shampoo isn’t as important for me. They also make a soap for your horse! Ha.

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