Gelato Pique

I love the colors and styling in these pretty lookbook photos from Japanese label, Gelato Pique. This company is a sister company to the brand, Snidel, who I featured in my last post. This weekend we are starting the insane task of unpacking–our new home feels like utter chaos and when I’ve been home I find myself holing up in a tiny corner of the bedroom as to avoid the rest of the madness. These images remind me of what will be my weekend mantra “Serene. Clean. Spring. Pretty.”

Gelato Pique has an adorable line for children, Gelato Pique Kids. Their third line, Gelato Pique Garden, is full of sweet garments too–I love this red gingham coat!

all images courtesy of Gelato Pique

4 Responses to “Gelato Pique”
  1. Sarahbeth says:

    Good luck unpacking – I hate to move!

  2. wow, these are such gorgeous photos. the colors are perfect! good luck this weekend!

  3. Mallory says:

    I’ll come unpack for you! haha

    I actually love to move / unpack.

    & these are beautiful! Especially the dress on the bottom.

  4. Jen McCabe says:

    Sarahbeth–We’re still in the thick of it. You just never know where anything will finally end up… we’re in phase 1.

    Lauren–Thank you!!

    Mallory–For a minute I considered flying you here to do the unpacking! I wish moving, car and vet bills weren’t so astronomical so I could. Ha! You are twisted!! We moved 7 blocks so I did a crap job packing and can’t find ANYTHING!