I love the pretty “Combinette” silk slip nightie from Marjolaine. Such a lovely one for spring! Of course, vintage slips are always nice too (and maybe easier to track down). I’m so ready to ditch the cozy winter old man P.J.s! The Marjolaine label is from Villeurbanne, France, which sounds like a wonderful town. Man, there are so many places I’d like to visit–when I think about it I get a little whiny. (((SIGH)))

Image courtesy of Marjolaine


10 Responses to “Marjolaine”
  1. Sarahbeth says:

    I love the feminine details and I love a slip. The French!

  2. Maggie says:

    “I’m so ready to ditch the cozy winter old man P.J.s”. YES! Me too…and these slips are lovely.

  3. Lauren Davis says:

    Wow. So stunning. I have to admit that I am sort in love with this photo and their hair possibly more than the slips. Such amazing yet simple styling in this photo.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Yes, I agree. The styling is gorgeous. I’m glad they styled their pretty slips like this. So often you’ll see beautiful garments that have been poorly styled in a cheesy away. Especially lingerie!

  4. Lisa Maria says:

    Agreed – the styling of the photo is so beautiful!