The Lovin’

I thought it was about time to post some long overdue link lovin’. I feel like I’ve been completely consumed by moving to a new home and a bit disconnected from other people’s worlds. I don’t like that feeling! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and thanks so much for all the comments lately. I have to say–getting comments really makes my day brighter every time. I’m really looking forward to having a little more time to spend commenting on the posts that I read throughout the week!

Also, “hello!!!” to my new readers. Through some nice mentions from lovely people I’ve gained a few new followers and I’m so happy you’re all here. Being so distracted by what’s been going on at home lately, I feel like I have lovely visitors at my blog house and I’ve run out of ice and don’t have enough chairs for everyone to be comfortable. I’ll be a better blog hostess soon–I swear! Thanks so much for hanging out with me here–it really does mean so much. ♥

Now on with the image and link love! I’ll start with a couple of great Portland events:

Cocktail Camp is this Sunday, April 10, in Portland! YAAAAAY! Buy tickets HERE.

BUY TICKETS FOR PORTLAND FASHION! This year’s Portland Mercury Open Season fashion show is going to be fantastic! Gretchen and Leanne will be there too!

Chelsea is offering amazing flower classes. There will even be delicious snacks! This lady is gifted with blooms–everyone will learn volumes in a gorgeous atmosphere.

Pretty photo by my lovely friend, Goda. See more of her work on Flickr at 23pavasariai!

Lots of food on my mind this week. Drooling…

♥ A VERY delicious cocktail recipe.

Cardamom Almond Scroll rolls recipe—YUM!

♥ Megan made such a pretty doily cake.

Recipe for chocolate butter. Ummm… fainting!

♥ Erin wrote a post about my favorite brunch in PDX. I already freaked out on her for spilling the beans.

The prettiest book covers. Image courtesy of All Over Print.

OK. Just a little more food?

Ana is tempting me with Croatian marmalade. And some from Scotland.

♥ I’m excited to try Emily’s lemon curd recipe.

♥ I want them all. Jam and marmalade extravaganza!

Yummy. I want to try the Apricot Vanilla! I’m going to see if my friend can bring it down from Seattle for me next month. Thank you for the jam recommendation, Carrie!!

Dear Cheese, I love you and miss you. XO Jen

Image courtesy of Brian Ferry. I love Brian Ferry's photographs. More HERE.

OK! Here comes the non-food waterfall of links…

♥ Look at the dreamy thing Miss Caitlin Rose did!

AAAAAHHH!!!! OMG OMG OMG…. this makes me want to go camping, but is simultaneously the reason why I am terrified of camping. Maybe for the backyard? Thanks, Sarah.

♥ I need to purge and purchase some makeup. I LOVE this post!

Softly softly softly

♥ Matt made some beautiful belts!

♥ So exciting to see Landon’s amazing paintings. I ♥ Team Metz!

♥ Kristian’s wow of Waugh.

♥ House of Filly! Check out Emily’s amazing “green home tour” on Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest!

♥ Garance has been so funny for the past few months! I love all of her posts.

♥ I loved this constructive criticism post from Jane. I’ve had a chance to sit with it and have kept it in mind. Really, the list of amazing people that I want to write about is too long for me to feel like spending time posting about products, brands, businesses, etc that I have a sub par experience with. I’d rather talk with the business/person directly, come to a resolution and be done with it. I typically don’t end up writing about these businesses at all because I want to move on and focus on other people. However, there are the occasional exceptions. How about you?

♥ I know I mentioned it recently, but I really do love this post from Hannah regarding the bummer of a post by Scott Shaw (The Sartorialist).

Marion Leflour is an amazing photographer! Image courtesy of Marion Leflour.

A touch of pink! I adore the pink kitty figurines.

An interview with design lovely, Ana. I can’t understand the entire interview, but I can understand enough to know that I wish we could hang out!

♥ Oh! Anabela looks so pretty in her lovely skirt and pink lipstick.

Pretty in pink, pink, pink, pink, pink!


Dans les rues de Rome en février. I faint again.

♥ I can relate to Abby’s need to purge more stuff. This is funny since I bought stuff from Abby before she moved from PDX to Texas.

Such an amazing painting. The colors! They really do make you “Float Away”.

♥ Darling cork boats. Such a wonderful idea!

♥ I love Alyson’s dreamy outfit!

A Juliet Rose. Photo by me, Jen McCabe (more on my Flickr!)

♥ Mary’s lovely DIY herb garden post.

That SUUUPER SUCKS! You should like Odette New York on FB—Jennifer is amazeballs.

Beautiful photos and flowers from some amazing pals.

♥ Tamera has some talented friends! Wow.

♥ Maggie is doing good work in her studio! I love the candle painting so much.

So inspiring--from Madderlake Designs. Found via Frolic!

♥ Emily is just all around awesome, really funny and has the best flea market luck.

♥ I love Joke’s sweet pencil idea.

♥ Caitlin’s sewing studio overhaul/remodel looks wonderful. A totally inspiring workspace! More HERE.

Socks and scarves that totally cheered me up!

These skirts wouldn’t look very good on me, but they’re lovely!

♥ Desi got such an awesome chair.

♥ Rachel’s “Day In The Life…” post is so sweet.

♥ Such beautiful hair adornments.

♥ Oh dear. Now you can order it in so many colors!

♥ I wish I could have had fancy afternoon tea with these ladies in NYC! I really need to go there soon–it has been way too long.

From Keller NY SS2010 shoot. Image courtesy of Keller NY.

Kelly Wearstler has a blog!

These cords are so bright and cheerful! Cords make me go batshit crazy at home.

Fantastic post about pendant light fixtures.

♥ I am in love with this home. The painted curtains nearly killed me.

♥ This looks like a good present for someone you want to get out of your hair.

Such a pretty cup and saucer. Photo by Carrie from Wish Wish Wish.

♥ I love Summer’s collection of pet photography images.

Beautiful photographs!

♥ I keep thinking about this amazing image.

Lovely leather goods.

PDX cutie pies!

I love this photo that Anabela shot while she was visiting Portland. Image courtesy of Fieldguided.

♥ My friend Lisa gives some sage advice on photography.

♥ Anja posted some nice behind the scenes shots from her Hetterson photoshoot.

♥ Brehan takes a lovely spring walk around Portland and inside lovely shop, Flutter. Pretty blooms!

♥ You can shop for Filly online now! YAAAAY!


OK–done. Did you faint from link overload? ♥


10 Responses to “The Lovin’”
  1. tamerajane says:

    Whoa this is going to take up my whole night ;) thanks for the linkings!

  2. Caitlin Rose says:

    Oh Jen, thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog. I’m so honoured!


    Caitlin Rose

    p.s. lovely links, and yes there were SO many!

  3. Clarity says:

    Definitely took a bit to get through it all but it was worth it!!

  4. Lisa Maria says:

    Thanks for the link love! I always love going through these posts since they introduce me to so many inspiring bloggers. Thanks, again!

  5. Anabela says:

    I love these posts! They’re like a great big internet HUUUUUUGGG

  6. Jen McCabe says:

    Thanks, ladies! Thanks for not running away from the insanity–I’m so glad you loved it.

    P.S. Anabela–I think I at least got to 2nd base with the internet last week! Ha!

  7. Megan says:

    so glad you like my little cake! overdosing on link love, i need to plan another brunch trip to navarre asap!

  8. Erin says:

    thanks for the link love my dear – I hope there weren’t lines at Navarre last weekend ;)

    PS saw your tweets – hope today is a better day! hugs from Seattle. Treat yourself to Navarre dinner for me!

  9. Jen McCabe says:

    Erin–Thank you! I appreciate that. No lines. Still fantastic!