Dream Kites!

So, it looks like I neeeed a kite now. We live half a block from an amazing park and these new kites from Fredericks and Mae (see previous post!) are so beautiful. If they look familiar it’s because they are a collaboration with Confetti System–a company I find endlessly fascinating (read: SHINY), but have inexplicably never posted about. Anyway this dream team marriage has produced some beautiful kites. I love that the shiny gold fancy one falls under the “Mother” category and the colorful dotty ones are considered “Children“.

I really want this first one!!! EEEeeeEep. Glamour kites. Have a nice weekend! ♥

Images courtesy of Fredericks and Mae


12 Responses to “Dream Kites!”
  1. hila says:

    oh pretty, I really do adore the first one – shiny spots ;)

  2. tamerajane says:

    That first one makes me brain do funny things!! I need a good reason to have a big party.

  3. Oh, I forgot all about how much fun it is to go to the park with a kite. Looking at these though, I’ve got no excuse not to break out the construction paper. They definitely won’t be as pretty as these though…

  4. annelouise says:

    ha ha: i think i need a kite too..!!

    they really are super, though: i can just imagine one hanging in the corner of our lounge…(possibly with the paper bunting i made for my birthday party, oh, two years ago..!)

  5. Colleen says:

    I also need this kite (and everything confetti system makes). That is all. xoColleen

  6. i like the design of the kite, this is very interesting one