Mt. Angel

Heathers? The Bells of St. Mary’s? The Bad Seed? Henry Darger? Suspiria? Please Don’t Eat the Daisies? The Sound of Music? Ooohhh… I don’t know, but these behind the scenes photos from the Golden Rule May lookbook are very promising! The images were shot in Woodburn and Mt. Angel, Oregon (Monastery Mustard?)–check the shop blog over the next few days to see the real deal.

These photographs feel so removed from the reality of how much the local shop is hurting. Golden Rule is struggling to keep their doors open, so if you are living in Portland or visiting–please stop by and shop! You can really find some amazing garments, jewelry, accessories and housewares. I’ve found stunning vintage silk blouses, ostrich eggs, antique science equipment, gorgeous silk velvet capes, mint condition 1940’s shoes and lots more in the shop.

Golden Rule also places on my short list of exciting places to take out-of-towners too. I’d hate to see Wynde and the girls go. Please stop by at 811 E. Burnside (around back!!) and spread the word! ♥

Images courtesy of Golden Rule PDX (Photography by Andrea Frampton)


Art Director: Wynde Dyer
Behind the Scenes Photography: Andrea Frampton
Stylist: Theresa Guntli
Models: Katherine Voskressensky, Alicia Kroell, Kara Jean Caldwell, Anna Foreman, and Marika Emerson

13 Responses to “Mt. Angel”
  1. Caitlin Rose says:

    Gorgeous photos. I’ll definitely stop by if I’m ever in Portland : )

  2. anisa says:

    is it vintage? with a “look book” one would think it’s a new designer collection, but the clothes look vintage?
    I’ve never even heard of this shop, where is it?

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Hello, pretty lady! They are a vintage and consignment shop. They have a new theme and a gallery show each month and completely switch out their merchandise. So, this lookbook is representative of some of their stock for May! They are at 811 E. Burnside at the back of the building–basically behind Sword & Fern and Haunt.

  3. anisa says:

    oh! E burnside, duh

  4. Marika says:

    Yay! Thanks for writing it up, Jen!

  5. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the photo post and for the Golden Rule shout out! Lots of treasures to be found there for sure.

  6. betsy says:

    I really like these pics. There’s a story there. I definitely would like to see them in full lookbook mode. I hope the shop makes it! I’ll have to check them out—just now hearing about them too. Sometimes I think I live in a hole.

  7. Wynde Dyer says:

    Dear Jen, We were really busy today! Lots of people we’d never seen before stopped in. At least one of them told us they heard about us via this post. Thank you SO SO SO much for your support in this time of need (and for past THREE posts, which we TOTALLY missed until now because we haven’t been googling ourselves or checking analytics lately!), and for all of your support of local business/designers/thinkers/doers in general! We really appreciate the help and assure you that if we do close at the current location (it’ll be either after June, or after December) you and yours will be most welcomed in our future residential location (which is, quite possibly, more magical than where we are now. Thanks again!

    Sincerely, Wynde

    P.S. To Anisa: Like Jen said, our fashion inventory changes every month, featuring a mix of vintage, local designs, and contemporary resale ware. Because our themes (i.e. “scholastic” or “1990’s hot but not” or “conservative christian meets carnival”) often only make sense to us in relation to the artwork they are intended to complement, we use monthly look books to entice the public in to see new collections, and, more importantly, to give our 60+ consignors an idea of what types of things to bring in for the month. This month’s lookbook will be ready this weekend, but in the mean time, here’s last months: