Music Mix: Bicyclette

Here is the new mix I put together. It’s called “Bicyclette” because it is meant to be listened to while riding your bicycle–hopefully through a cherry blossom petal storm! Or maybe it will just make you feel like you are. There is an app for 8tracks now–so, maybe some of you will be able to listen to my mix from your basket–like it’s a transistor radio. I hope you like it!

15 tracks including music by The Zombies, Francoise Hardy, Viva Voce, The Primitives & more bands I love…

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4 Responses to “Music Mix: Bicyclette”
  1. Oh, I’ll definitely get that app…I’d love to listen to this mix while riding the bike along the beach all summer :) Sounds perfect!

  2. nicolle says:

    i heart your mixes! <3