Olfactory Fairy Tales

I guess I somehow missed the launch of these cool gift sets from Cire Trudon when they came out (around the holidays?). I love the concepts this company comes up with and their commitment to following through and getting it “right” every time. Each of these sets comes with a small candle, room spray and the fairy tale that inspired it. I’d love to sample each one!

I found a few on Browns and I especially love the sound of Sindbad the Sailor (spices and sea salt) and Little Red Riding Hood (wood, moss and dew) sounds amazing too. There is also Jack and the Beanstalk–which sounds green and bright with its earthy, “crisp” beans and generally springy profile.

Images courtesy of Cire Trudon

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  1. Caitlin Rose says:

    oh what a good idea!

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