Pink. Ombré. Cake.

Since today’s posts didn’t have nearly enough pink ombré *AHEM* I thought I’d repost this lovely pink rainbow cake from Swedish sweets site, Call Me Cupcake. I want to invite some ladies over to have tea and cake–right now! If there were ever a reason for me to fall off this dairy and gluten free wagon–this would be it. You could really lose yourself for hours with Linda Lomelino’s pretty cakes and macarons.

RECIPE HERE–in English and Swedish!

Images courtesy of Call Me Cupcake


♥ Found via This Is Glamorous. She found it via SIMPLESONG

12 Responses to “Pink. Ombré. Cake.”
  1. kristen says:

    Can’t decide if my belly or my eyeballs wants it more.
    So confusing, eat or ogle?

  2. Katy says:

    I love this! So delicate and adorable. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Callista says:

    You’re gluten-free and dairy-free too? Have you had Petunia’s? Her pasteries are freakinng phenom. I swear that her pecan roll rivals Cinnabon’s.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Yum! Thanks so much, Callista. I’d never heard of Petunia’s before and I’m excited to taste something! I also like that they are blasting The Smiths on their site.

  4. Caitlin Rose says:

    umm, that cake looks amazing!

    also, if you are ever looking for gluten free/ diary free recipes, my mother has great baking on her blog: here’s a recipe for ginger-chocolate cookies that I recently ate, and they were delicious.

  5. annelouise says:

    love the cake.

    love the new look blog!

    i think you should JUMP off that bandwagon RIGHT NOW. (i am!)

  6. ambrosia says:

    I tried making this cake – I got inspiration from your site! – it did not turn out :( I have not been able to bake a cake since moving to Colorado!