Swans & Strawberries

Do I need a swan sweater? NO. YES. Do I need a striped sweater with a giant strawberry on it? Oh, don’t be silly! YES. These sweaters by Louche are so cute!

Images courtesy of Joy


8 Responses to “Swans & Strawberries”
  1. Lisa Maria says:

    ah! I never knew I needed a swan sweater until now, either!

  2. Meredith says:

    OH! I definitely need a swan sweater! These are the cutest!!! Have you seen the horse sweater from Aritzia? I was surprised that I even wanted a sweater with a horse on the front! Now I need one with a swan and a giant strawberry too! ;-)

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Hahaaa… I love Aritzia. I don’t think I’ve seen the horse, but there have certainly been a ton of horses on apparel the last few months. So cute.