Here are GLIMPSES of what’s been going on around here lately. Are you on Instagram? Say “hi”! You can also just follow my Instagram feed online if you don’t have an iPhone or see them as I tweet them on Twitter. Here we go…

1) We went to the ocean for my birthday this past Sunday. I really needed that!! It was amazing and the tide was out far enough that you could wander around the rocky sea garden to say “hello” to the sea anemones and mussels. I swear the air was extra salty just for me.


2) I never stop missing my grandparents (Honey Kennedy + John McCabe), but lately they’ve been really consuming my thoughts. I wish I could hug them and catch up. Looking at their wedding picture–I just know that they’re together and so happy.


3) I filled the house with flowers as a gift to myself. I’m so in love with these white garden roses that I’m already starting to get nervous that the shops will be out of them when I need to get more. They smell like lush roses with hints of cassis, citrus and carnations. COMPLETELY INTOXICATING.


4) I got older. Excuse the morning space out. I took this while I was waiting for my special birthday “pre-breakfast croissant” and cold press coffee to be procured.


5) Blanket shark.


6) So much lovely birthday treasure from my sweet friend, Tamera. She even wrote this wonderful post about me, Jane and Karie–all June 26ers. I’m a total cry baby… I can’t handle so much generosity and thoughtfulness very gracefully. ♥


7) It is hard to get my husband to wear my favorite vintage hot pink shirt, but he has done it 3 times for me in the past couple of weeks! YES! I think he is secretly enjoying getting the compliments from all the ladies.


8) I finally framed my lovely photographs by Chad Merritt. You can find them in his Etsy shop, Mon Petit Fantome. I framed these roses from his shop with a white frame and a dreamy blush pink mat. You can see it all framed–HERE.


9) I bought this French coffee table book from 1971 this weekend. I nabbed it for $5 at a local shop! The photographs are incredible–you can pretty much open the book and land on castle ground. SO BEAUTIFUL! I also love that the author is named “Gaston Bonheur”.


9) More flowers. I don’t remember what any of these are called, but I had a feeling they would all look fantastic together.


10) I found this elegant beaded purse at a shop this weekend. I’m still thinking about it!! It was lined in the lightest rosy pink silk. Ooooohhh those beaded little gill-like details. I bet this bag got to attend quite a few roaring parties!


All photos by me, Jen McCabe. Find more on Instagram + Flickr.


4 Responses to “Glimpses”
  1. sarahbeth says:

    You look so much like your grandmother! So lovely – and what a great name – I mean – really. How did I forget that her name was the inspiration for your blog? Just fabulous!

  2. Priscilla says:

    I love following your instagram! ^^