Claire Pestaille

Here is some lovely photo collage work by London-based artist, Claire Pestaille. Also, I’ve included some posts you may have missed. Have a fantastic week!

Rabbit, Rabbit by my friend, Sarah Paul Ocampo.

▲ I absolutely love this lookbook format.

▲ Ethereal, cloudy and green.

▲ This lookbook reminds me of Isadora Duncan! GORGEOUS.

▲ I LOVE coffee and all of its trappings.

▲ Billie has such lovely style–her vintage outfits are stunning!

▲ The prettiest vintage jewelry.

▲ Very sweet lookbook with plant-dyed textiles.

▲ One of my favorite collections for Fall/Winter 2011.

▲ Enamel roses, swaying lanterns and the best towels.

▲ I love these Moroccan pouches.

Bee wings and triangle things!

☱ The prettiest vintage clothing.

☱ Porcelain sea bones necklace.

☱ The coolest French kiddos.

☱ I love these shoes.

☱ My birthday plans.

Glimpses of my life.

☱ Colorful stripes!

☱ A trip to the Chinese teahouse.

◯ A very lovely collection from Vienna.

◯ O Canada.

◯ Cover your walls with golden flowers.

◯ The adorable vintage style of Dakota.

◯ A sweet new mini collection from Portland.

◯ Emerald, apple green, leather bows and more.

◯ Hot pink with black and white geometry.

◯ Gorgeous handmade jewels from outer space… or Spain, anyway!

◯ The prettiest pillowcases.

◯ A beautiful magazine shot.

◯ Some new music I love. A lot.


Images courtesy of Claire Pestaille


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