Gloria Vilches

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Here are some wonderful collages by Spanish artist, Gloria Vilches, as well as some things you may have missed. There is still time to enter last week’s big Colette Patterns giveaway–I’ll be drawing the winner tonight (7/11/11) at 11pm and announcing tomorrow. YAY! This has been so fun.

HAVE A LOVELY WEEK! Look for another sweet giveaway in the next few days!

♡ Some photos I snapped at a lovely Portland shop.

♡ A roundup and fantastic photo collage artwork from London.

♡ One of my favorite dresses.

♡ This lady is so inspiring.

♡ You really should watch this movie.

♡ Adorable Brit kiddo wrapped in gingham.

♡ I love this vintage peephole jewelry!

Enter to win three vintage-inspired sewing patterns! (ends 11pm PST 7/11/11)

♡ A slightly dramatic perfume.

♡ Layers and layers and layers.

♡ A sweet new collection from an emerging designer from Buenos Aires.

♡ These photographs are incredible.

♡ Happy Birthday to the real Honey Kennedy.

Vintage Vogue for hat lovers.



2 Responses to “Gloria Vilches”
  1. Jennifer K says:

    Wow, nice work on those collages. They look so real. Thanks for sharing!