I’d love to visit Belgium sometime–I think about it a lot. I just came across these beautiful vintage travel posters. Beautiful!

Images courtesy of Boston Public Library


14 Responses to “Belgium”
  1. carly says:

    Belgium is such a lovely country and home to Phileas Fogg one of my favorite bed & breakfasts in the world. If you ever go, I highly recommend this quirky residence with the friendliest black lab. carly

  2. Caitlin Rose says:

    Oh neat! I would also love to go to belgium. But I don’t often think about it so I hope you get to go.

  3. Alexia says:

    I’m not Belgian but I loved Bruxelles and Bruges, you should go and visit Belgium, it’s a lovely country.

  4. Hello from Belgium! :)

    If you must come to Belgium I recommend visiting Bruges, Antwerp (the first picture),Ghent and the southern part of the country (the two last pictures).


  5. Joy says:

    Such awesome photos!

  6. Phara says:

    I’m from Belgium, it’s a tiny country, but we do have a bit of everything. As Sara says Antwerp and Ghent are must-sees! :)
    These postcards are so great to see, makes me appreciate living here. I tend to forget that from time to time.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Thanks, Phara. I think we all do that, but we all need to see other places for inspiration even though we love where we live. Someday I will make it there!

  7. caroline says:

    i was in belgium two summers ago, and it was wonderful. it’s such an interesting culture because it’s split between flemish and french—besides being a melting pot for so many other people. ah, i want to go back right now.