Clarissa Labin

Hi there–I hope you all had a nice weekend! Here are some new designs from the 2011 Autumn/Winter collection from Berlin-based designer, Clarissa Labin. Her knitwear patterns and embellishments for this season are pretty incredible! I love this first dress.

See the whole collection and check out my links roundup below for posts you may have missed. Have a wonderful week!


♡ A darling dress detailed with sharpies!

△ I’m coming back around to leopard. SOME leopard.

♡ Some vintage favorites!

△ A very, very romantic blue silk velvet vintage dress.

♡ A great Danish blanket–that comes in TEN COLORS!

△ I love this amazing quilted women’s collection from an English horse blanket company.


△ Such a cool line from Toronto–this collection reminds me of Iona in Pretty In Pink.

♡ I love these beautiful style photos from a lovely blogger.

△ A little pink 1930’s glassware.

♡ Fantastic images of ladies with thoughts wandering to another life.

△ Some of my very favorite things from amazing Portland-based online shops!

Images courtesy of Clarissa Labin


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  1. I absolutely love this collection from Clarissa Labin. Thanks for sharing!!!!