Dear Golden Giveaway Winners…

Congratulations to Emilie, Jessica Matz and Elizabeth R.! You are the lucky winners of our Dear Golden Vintage Giveaway!

Emilie's Dear Golden favorite: The silk Creme de Menthe dress

YAAAAY!!! I must say, it was a MUCH bigger task than originally anticipated to choose one of your lovely comments for the top prize of $50 in Lauren’s amazing vintage shop, Dear Golden.

We chose Emilie as the $50 shop credit winner because we loved her lengthy, clever response. Additionally, I loved the “nerd in a crinoline” bit and Lauren was thrilled that someone gave her props for the titles she “agonizes over” to get just right for her vintage treasures. Congratulations, Emilie!

Elizabeth & Jessica's Dear Golden favorites:
Myth of Love and Easy Poetry dresses

The two winners randomly chosen for the $25 Dear Golden gift certificates are fantastic ladies, Jessica Matz and Elizabeth R.! Congratulations, you two. I’d love to see what you all choose!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We were really blown away by how much thought you put into your answers. We’re both feeling like we are in good company with some amazing readers who share the same obsessive love for vintage and nostalgia. Thank you to Lauren for the wonderful offer from her beautiful shop.

Thanks!!! There will be another truly amazing vintage giveaway posted tomorrow morning!! Stay tuned…



Images courtesy of Dear Golden.


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