Yikes! I haven’t done one of my GLIMPSES in such a long time. Here’s a little of what’s been going on around here lately. If you’re on Instagram come say “hi”! Or follow my Instagram feed online if you don’t have an iPhone and see ’em as I tweet ’em on Twitter.

Here we go…

1) Ever feel like you’re being stared at? Yep. Right through the living room window. This squirrel is such a jerk.

2) Portland is the Rose City and a house in my neighborhood even has a rose tattoo on the chimney!

3) I love a muddled fresh fruit spritzer. This one was peach lemondade, mint sparkle water and muddled blueberries. So good!

4) We stopped by a cute cafe in Astoria, Oregon. I love all the globes… I have a bit of a globe addiction.

5) There are real lawn deer in Astoria! A beautiful family was happily grazing in someone’s yard.

6) Zelda is so ridiculous. Her life is super hard.

7) Totally oblivious, my husband almost left the house like this to go to the grocery store. I gave it away by giggling too hard as he was leaving.

8) We finally got to meet our friends Tes and Jason’s baby, Violet. She was sweet, cuddly, had the cutest frock and longest eyelashes. Can’t wait to see her again!

9) I love pinata shops! This is at a grocery shop in Portland in the St. John’s neighborhood.

10) We got to see Dumb Eyes’ newly remodeled Seattle headquarters. SO COOL.

11) Loved this sign on the way to Bend, Oregon this past weekend.

12) This is, apparently what they serve at the Swiss Village. So baffling. What is a $29 Fashion Burger???


All photos by me, Jen McCabe. Find more on Instagram + Flickr.

8 Responses to “Glimpses”
  1. Nichole LA says:

    Haha, $2.95! I see the 5 hiding behind the 9 there :). Whatever it is I want it. And a sip of that fruit spritzer, YUM!

  2. gail says:

    “This squirrel is such a jerk!”

  3. Colleen says:

    Ha! I’m glad you stopped your husband from leaving the house looking like Waldo, of Where’s Waldo fame.The fashion burger is intriguing…you mean you didn’t go in and try it??!!

  4. I love these glimpses! I’m SO ready for a spritzer right now. & PS: I love Santa Cruz in St. Johns. Al Pastor is delish!