Here are some photos of what’s been going on around here lately. I feel like I have let my obsessive Instagram-ing kind of fizzle. I think I’m just really looking forward to fall!

I’m including a kind of crummy photograph of the new bedroom wall color–Wickham Gray from Benjamin Moore. It’s very dreamy and came about after the ‘very light, perfectly slightly muddy pink’ (Pampas Grass from Benjamin Moore) that I loved turned into ‘My Pretty Pony strawberry ice cream princess pink’ once it covered the walls. I’ve been planning a light pink room for 5 years–I was bummed to discover that it really didn’t suit me after all.

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Here we go…

1) Zelda in in her natural habitat–bed. Or anywhere else she can find a blanket and pillows. She’s more of a silly, needy cat than a dog.

2) Daily homemade iced americano with coconut creamer cloud. YUM!

3) I’m still regretting not eating one of these beauties from Sparrow Bakery in Bend. That place was really, really good.

4) I really loved this sweet hat at Xtabay Vintage here in Portland. It’s such an amazing shop and the proprietress, Liz, is awesome.

5) These candles by Tatine at Ink & Peat smell so good. Yes, I realize the photo makes them look a bit like toilet paper.

6) I could totally eat all these tiny watermelons. Why can I eat so much watermelon?? Ridiculous.

7) Wickham Gray! This photo is terrible–it really is a pretty light grey blue.

8) The roses here in Portland are still pulling out all the stops. Fragrant and nearly on every block in my neighborhood. Sigh. ♥


All photos by me, Jen McCabe. More on Instagram + Flickr.


2 Responses to “Glimpses”
  1. Clare says:

    5. It totally does.
    6. Whaat? Tiny watermelon! Yes please.