Pretty In Pink

Here are some beautiful pink vintage garments and a flowery hat from Basya Berkman on Etsy. This embroidered, Edwardian lawn dress is absolutely stunning! See a lot more vintage beauties in the shop.


▢ YAY for toggle coats and sailor tops!

▢ A VERY pretty vintage pink dress.

▢ A beautiful fall collection from one of my favorite Belgian labels.

▢ These cheery, colorful blankets are still on my mind!


▢ I get obsessive about film scores.

▢ Amazing photos of Marianne Faithfull, Miles Davis, Jeanne Moreau, Anna Karina….

▢ Big 20% OFF promo code for awesome Etsy vintage shop!

▢ Pretty garments from Stockholm and beautiful old building details.

▢ One of the most amazing dresses I have ever seen!!!

▢ Very cool kiddos from Belgium.

▢ More Belgian kids. Such beautiful photography.

▢ A very silly old book cover.

▢ An impeccable, new-to-me Etsy vintage shop!!

▢ New DREAM OUTFIT! What I’d wear in Antwerp.

▢ I can’t wait to smell this new perfume!

▢ Pretty, pretty underpants. So dreamy!

▢ My weekend, rad links and one of my favorite photographers.

Images courtesy of Basya Berkman.


1. embroidered white dress 2. flowery cap 3. amazing pink nightie


3 Responses to “Pretty In Pink”
  1. Melissa says:

    I can’t even believe that pink embroidered edwardian dress is real.

  2. Hey that’s my store being featured – how lovely! I just discovered this sort of by accident and it was such a pleasant surprise. Yes, the Edwardian dress is real and one of the most amazing items I have ever had the privilege of selling!