I’ve loved the enamelware from Austrian brand, Riess, for such a long time. I don’t actually own any of their pieces though! The brand is a bit elusive in the US and I can’t seem to get my hands on any of the pieces that I’ve admired–I’d love to see them in person.

While I was checking out the Riess site once again to see if they had listed any new stockists, I found their new super Kitchen Management system and Aromapots from their line, Truehomeware, designed by Dottings.

Lovely storage solutions give me the same thrill that new office supplies evoke–I LOVE these enamel containers with ash lids! Their beautiful and cleverly designed ‘Aromapots’ are also being added to my ever-growing ‘someday’ list. Why doesn’t an amazing housewares shop open and stock their shelves with stacks and stacks of all these things I obsess over?? Sigh.

Images courtesy of Riess/Truehomeware. Photography by Christina Häusler.


2 Responses to “Riess”
  1. The storage jars do look very tranquil. Love the way they stack.Shame about the odd assortment I have in my own kitchen.Includes Ikea and vintage danish. In our shop we have Sagaform retro style which are also very lovely.Do you have Sagaform in
    the US?