Rodarte x Opening Ceremony

WOOOOAAH. Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2011. There are some collections that make you sigh because they are so pretty and then there are the collections that make you nearly spit your morning coffee on your laptop screen from the shock of delight.

They say that the collection was inspired by “the Nordic romance of Scandinavia”, but I love that there is a fairytale, Black Forest, Henry Darger feeling to the collection as well.

The clothing is exquisite and photographer, Autumn de Wilde, makes it all go *poof* storybook magic. View the entire collection!


Photography: Autumn de Wilde
Models: Stephan Haurholm and twins, Gwen Loos and Donna Loos


Images: Opening Ceremony. Photography by Autumn de Wilde.


10 Responses to “Rodarte x Opening Ceremony”
  1. Anna of (Green Gable) says:

    Lovely! I especially adore the cut out sleeves in the first and last dresses!

    xo, Anna

  2. Anna @ D16 says:

    No words. Just whimpers and something gurgley that sounds like “wowza”.

  3. abigail says:

    very light! I’m digging those braids too and I love how they repeated the same model again and again within one picture.

  4. Mo says:

    Rodarte does it again, I totally get the scandinavian reference. The top dress fabric looks like it’s made with Karl Larsson images. So cool. I LOVE Karl Larsson’s work.

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