Royal Rose

All of the organic syrups from Royal Rose sound so yummy. When I make press coffee at home, I often sprinkle cardamom into my cup and I think the Cardamom-Clove syrup will be amazing in both hot or cold press. I also love floral flavors, so I am very curious about their Rose and Lavender-Lemon, too.

Their blog has a bunch of fantastic recipes for cocktails, mocktails and other treats. I’d love to make all of them, especially: Violet Ghost, Whimsy Peach Cupcakes, Brian’s Berry Limeade, White Heat, Kisco Summer, Notorious and Tiger’s Milk.



Images courtesy of Royal Rose Simple Syrups


2 Responses to “Royal Rose”
  1. Liza says:

    I think this might be my new go-to spot for drink recipes. Violet ghost? Delicious.