I love these handmade bags from Shelter! I’ve been meaning to post about Karie’s bags for a long time–since our mutual friend, Tamera, posted this lovely feature. I did include one of her wonderful Ripton clutches in my styling for a guest post Dream Outfit on Frolic!.

I especially love these white canvas bags right now, The Rolston Bag and The Ripton Clutch. The bright, graphic fabric with the cognac hue of the leather is stunning. I also keep looking at the Leather Tool Wrap, though I’d use it for art supplies or makeup brushes instead of tools. Love.

Feel free to inquire about custom designs. Karie recently made this beautiful custom Taplin Purse for Tamera. Super jealous!

1. The Rolston Bag 2. The Ripton Clutch 3. Leather Tool Wrap


Images courtesy of Shelter Protects You


12 Responses to “Shelter”
  1. Chelsea says:

    I love her bags! You are just killing me with purses this morning! xoxo

  2. Where do you find such lovely things? Just browsing? Or is it through a top secret, super-trusty website or resource that you find so many goodies? What great taste you have!

    • tamerajane says:

      I think you’re ON the top secret, super trusty website. As she said, in this case she found Karie on my site, but Jen puts loads of work into researching, seeking out, contacting, and building relationships with designers and shops. She IS the amazing resource!

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Yes, like Tamera said–if you read my post, I found these bags on her blog. If you look at my posts, I ALWAYS credit all of my sources–I won’t actually post anything, not even an image that I don’t have credits for. On top of that, when I can do even more research and gather all of the people to credit–I pride myself on giving everyone a pat on the back for hard work–right down to hair and makeup. I spend countless hours working on and curating Honey Kennedy to provide content that isn’t just a rehash of every other blog out there. It’s actually the opposite, I see tons of people using me as a source without ever giving me any credit for the hours of work it took me to find the interesting content–they take the credit for themselves. I would never ever not credit someone. It’s just me and I work really hard.

  3. Debbe says:

    OMG. That bag on the bed. Want. Want.

  4. Tamerajane, you’re totally right! I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I was half-joking, half-wondering if there was a hub of sorts (like Etsy) that was a great resource to seeking great finds like everything I’ve seen on Honey Kennedy so far. As a new Honey Kennedy reader, I haven’t had as much exposure to her posts and featured products and am insanely amazed at the little I have seen so far. I apologize if what I said came across as a bad remark or if it sounded as though I thought she was ripping off another site or blog…that was not my intent in the slightest! I just wanted to clear that up and reiterate that I’m happy to have stumbled across such a great blog and a great resource for lovely style!

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Thank you for clearing that up Rachael. I really appreciate it. I’ve had my feelings hurt so many times by people not giving me credit for my work, so I’m pretty sensitive about it. You’d be amazed by some of the emails I get with people asking how I find these things and basically assuming that I couldn’t possibly be doing it on my own. I just keep my head down and work really hard… and get inspiration from everywhere my eyes go. Thanks so much–I really appreciate this!!!

  5. Jen, you’re the coolest! Thanks for the sweet post and for being a rad blogger! The ‘net is lucky to have you.