The Bandana Splits

How cute are the lovely ladies of The Bandana Splits? The Brooklyn darlings have a new record coming out and an adorable new video (watch it below!). I love their sweet harmonies! The Splits girls list The Ronettes, The Andrew Sisters and The Caravells as their influences and lipstick, peppermint and Carnegie Hall as their interests. Listen to their record!

I hope you all have a great week! Remember: Today is the last day to enter the big Dear Golden Vintage Giveaway!


✚ Very cool graphic knitwear from Berlin.

✚ A roundup of some of my very favorite Fall 2011 collections!

✚ Some kitchen obsessions from Austria!

✚ I was featured on Miss Moss!!

✚ I am a gap-toothed woman. Are you?

✚ Such an amazing lady. Beautiful images of Jean Harlow.

✚ Wonderful designs for vintage Austrian travel posters.

✚ I love this German collection and the fantastic pops of color!

✚ A lovely new lookbook from Lauren Moffatt!

✚ Enter my amazing giveaway from Dear Golden vintage! (ends today!)

✚ Some things I’d like to have to decorate my fantasy manor.

✚ Weekend plans.



Image and video courtesy of The Bandana Splits


2 Responses to “The Bandana Splits”
  1. Melissa says:

    that video is precious!