Carpet Bags

I love vintage carpet bags! I think I thrifted my first one when I was about 13. It was a beauty–a 1960’s overnighter with a black geometric print and black patent leather trim. I used it past the point of practicality and was sad when I had to let it go. Now, I have about 4 carpet bags that I love and keep in rotation–I usually bust them out in autumn. There are a lot on Etsy right now!

Here are a bunch of nice ones from the 86 Vintage shop:

Images courtesy of 86 Vintage.


ROW ONE: 1. unchain my heart 2. deco 60’s ROW TWO: 3. autumn blossoms 4. ladylike ROW THREE: 5. midnight garden 6. ruched flowers


Please note: While 86 Vintage is one of my sponsors, this post is not paid. I just really love their bags!


7 Responses to “Carpet Bags”
  1. amber says:

    totally precious!

  2. mlle ghoul says:

    Hm, what a great idea! Maybe two years or so ago I laid down some serious money on a Tano bag and it was the first time I’d ever spent more than say, $50 dollars on a handbag. I swore to myself I would use it until the dang thing fell apart and not even THINK about buying another. And until now, I honestly haven’t even been tempted. But now… I am thinking…well, I can at least look around, can’t I? And I really like the idea of toting around a vintage carpet bag!

    …and two years is an awfully long time!

  3. Caitlin Rose says:

    Oh I love carpet bags as well. Last year a made a few tote bags with carpet bag material in order to get a similar effect. It was ok, but I’d love to have the one you’re describing. That first one that you found is pretty amazing, but I think if I’m going to get a carpet bag I’d like it to be a bit bigger maybe.

  4. melissa says:

    the first two are sooooo good!