Friday!? Oui.

This week went by in record time, right? I barely looked up from work this week, so I’m feeling a little groggy and bewildered, like I’m emerging from a cave. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I’m FINALLY (see previous post) going to go see the Serge Gainsbourg biopic, Vie Héroïque. I’m a giant Serge, Birkin, France Gall and all around sixties French pop nerd. I can’t wait!!

Thanks again to Lisa for giving such a GREAT interview and to Debbe and Alyson for offering such big giveaways! Remember to get your name in to win one of Alyson’s dresses from her fall collection. HERE. Have a great weekend!

Here are some very lovely links to peruse:

◯ Wow. My mind just went on a nice vacation.

◯ I love Fleur and Flair so much.

◯ I made this rad mixtape for you! 35 minutes of happiness.



◯ The Hemingway Daiquiri recipe sounds SO GOOD.

◯ REMINDER: Use PROMO CODE: honeykennedy through September for 20% OFF at Retro Threadz Vintage!

◯ Meet lovely Lisa.

◯ I love touring people’s homes.

◯ Don’t forget to enter! Winner picks out the dress she wants.

◯ WOAH—such incredible stoneware.

◯ Ooohhhh…. I’m so entranced by these beautiful hues!

◯ I entered this. I hope I win!! Airfare + $2K shopping spree!!

◯ I couldn’t go, so glad to see this incredible photograph!

◯ I’m still thinking about this gorgeous collection!!!

◯ Inspired by three literary icons: Miss Havisham, Daisy Buchanan and Captain Ahab.

◯ Ana is such a great artist.

◯ Such a great project!! So cute.

◯ I’d love to try to do this!!

◯ Use PROMO CODE: HK15 for 15% OFF at Tilde!

◯ I LOVE this collection!

Top 3 images from Vie Héroïque. Last image of Serge + Jane by Claude Gassion.


6 Responses to “Friday!? Oui.”
  1. hila says:

    I’m going through this list right now on my coffee break (yep, it’s Saturday, and I’m working). Loving every link I’m clicking on. I seriously don’t know how you find the time to find all these great things – you’re superwoman! Thanks for including me in such a lovely list.

  2. ooh so excited to see that I made your roundup! I love your blog : )


  3. Sweet Ronit says:

    Thanks for including me in your fabulous link list! And there’s still time for you to see the Swifts, they should be there for another couple of weeks. Grab a blanket and some wine and enjoy the show – you will love it for sure!