Meet Mary from Retro Threadz!

Meet lovely Mary Chambers from Retro Threadz Vintage. Mary is one of my amazing sponsors and has been dealing in vintage for close to a decade. She runs her ‘one woman show’ business from a little studio she and her husband built inside their home in Detroit, Michigan.

My favorite things in Mary’s shop have got to be her killer mod boots and platforms. Speaking of mod, you can also visit Mary’s blog for her Retro Threadz MOD Mondays posts and regular fun giveaways.


Meet Mary from Retro Threadz Vintage!

Where do you live? What’s it like?
I live in Westland, Michigan in the outskirts of Detroit. I was born and raised in the Motor City and although it gets a bad rap from the media, it’s really a cool place to hang out! It’s full of art museums, eateries, shopping and a rich history–being that it’s the birthplace of the amazing Motown sound.

What’s your sign?
Cancer. Said to be, “emotional, loving, intuitive & creative on the light side and ultimately moody on the dark side”–yep that’s me!

Tell us something people don’t already know about you.
I love runway fashion shows & am obsessed with anything and everything patent leather.

How do you unwind?
A long hot jacuzzi soak accompanied by a glass of wine.

#1 dream vacation?
I live in Michigan and we seem to have the most unpredictable weather, so I’m ALWAYS dreaming of cool breezes, lots of sun and warm sand.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Time traveling back to the 20s through 70s and to fly! That would totally trump being invisible or having super human strength!

Current snack of choice?
I’m a “snacky” kinda gal—I have too-many! I love watermelon, almonds, turkey sticks, colby cheese. I like to keep a high-protein regimen.

What’s your poison? Current cocktail or soft drink of choice?
Really depends on the mood i like pina coladas, rum and coke and good old Coors Light, but my main drink is wine.

Hello from Motor City!

Dream concert. Living or dead, Top 5 bands who are playing for you?
John Lennon, Elvis, The Cure, Prince & the Revolution and Lady Gaga (I love her fashion!)

Top 5 albums of all-time that you would have to have if you were stranded on a desert island?
1. Peter Framptom – Framptom Comes Alive!
2. The Beatles – Abbey Road
3. Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
4. The Doors – The Best of
5. Michael Jackson – The Best of

How did you get into vintage?
My love for all things vintage goes way back to when i was in high school. I would have to say, as a teen I reminded myself of Molly Ringwald’s character ‘Andy’ in the movie ‘Pretty In Pink’ because i was always browsing thrift stores finding pieces to rework in hopes of creating something that was all my own. I started out sewing for myself and for my friends and that escalated into me eventually wanting my own shop.

What was the first piece of vintage that blew your mind?
I would have to say, it was my grandmother’s, circa 1940’s, vintage black velvet hooded opera cape with ostrich feathers framing the hood. It’s in unbelievably excellent condition. It’s preserved and hanging in a special place to keep safe. I’ve yet to part with it and don’t know that I ever will!

Do you have a favorite era? Why?
Definitely the 60s mod era simply because it was bold and colorful and that totally describes my personality.

What is your fantasy vintage score that you hope to find one day?
I have to say since the 60s era is my all-time favorite that I absolutely love Emilio Pucci, he was an Italian fashion designer. Even his modern designs still carry a vintage flair. I had the pleasure of visiting one of his stores in Las Vegas recently.

Pucci is one of Mary's favorite designers of all-time!

Pucci is one of Mary's favorite designers of all-time!

What is your ritual for doing your shop updates?
Since my weekly schedule always bombards me I try to keep myself very organized for my weekly updates. I will have a day where I have just for a cleaning, ironing, photo shoot, editing photos, measuring and listing and then I activate them all on Wednesday.

What are some other shops online that you love?
Modcloth, Anthropologie, Need Supply Co., Urban Outfitters, We Love Colors, Jeffrey Campbell, The Outnet and Jessica Simpson.

Are you reading or watching anything lately that inspires you?
I never watch television. No foolin’! And I don’t have much time for reading, but when i do it usually has to do with the history of fashion or something fashion related. I also like to browse other blogs. I am a huge fan of Richard Avedon—I had the pleasure of visiting his artwork last year at the D.I.A. I love Phantom of the Opera and just saw Criss Angel last week in Las Vegas.

#1 pet peeve?
Mean people!!

What is the #1 most awesome thing about owning your shop?
I am getting to do what I’ve loved for so long. Vintage. Fashion. Designing. Business.

Thanks, Mary! Find Mary on her blog, Etsy, Twitter and Facebook!

Some awesome vintage from Retro Threadz!

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