Peony, Jasmine & Clover

Not only is there an amazing new Colette Patterns’ book that includes 5 sewing patterns–there are three lovely new patterns from Colette Patterns! There is the Peony dress, Clover trousers and sweet Jasmine blouse. I like that they are all simple patterns with the versatility that my friend Sarai’s designs are known for.

I’ve also been really enjoying their “Featured Seamstress” blog posts where they highlight fantastic sewists with their completed Colette projects. It’s inspiring and motivating to see all the cool choices people make when they’re making the design their own.

Pre-order your book and check out the new patterns in the shop.

Images courtesy of Colette Patterns.


Photo Credits (top 2 images):
Photographer: Anja Verdugo
Model: Kari Ann Tilson
Hair / Makeup: Robin Carlisle of Holiday Hair Studio
Art Direction: Sarai Mitnick
Styling Assistance: Caitlin Clark


8 Responses to “Peony, Jasmine & Clover”
  1. Caitlin Rose says:

    oh wow, I’ll have to get one : )

  2. rachel! says:

    ohhh, so cute! like cupcakes!

  3. mlle ghoul says:

    Oh! That first one is a beauty! I am imagining it in dove grey with sooty, charcoal colored tights. Accompanied by some oxidized bangled and some labradorite earbobs. Complemented by Serge Lutens Gris Clair.
    That sounds really matchy-matchy, doesn’t it? I am OK with that, I think!

    Now…if only I knew how to sew!

  4. Lisa Maria says:

    I am definitely getting that book. The “featured seamstress” posts are what sold me – such a good idea!