Tart & Sweet

When I was up in Seattle a couple weeks ago, I attended a canning demonstration and book signing for Brooklyn chef, Kelly Geary’s new book, Tart & Sweet. The event took place at my friend Linda’s amazing restaurant on Capitol Hill, Oddfellows Cafe and Bar. Kelly made strawberry rose jam for attendees to take home and it really was incredible. Not too sweet, very aromatic and particularly addictive over bowls of ice cream!

I highly recommend Tart & Sweet. It is a classic canning book, but each recipe has an interesting twist. I’ve since gotten to know Kelly a bit after having brunch a couple of times and she’s a fun person with a true passion for food. Check out her meal delivery and catering service, Sweet Deliverance NYC.

Images by me, Jen McCabe. See more on Instagram!


4 Responses to “Tart & Sweet”
  1. amber says:

    looks fun! love it.

  2. Charlie says:

    That’s awesome– I’ll have to get a copy for my dad. He’s a master jam-maker!