Vera Vague

Here are a few looks I love from the Vera Vague vintage shop. The 1960’s sailor dress is so very Anna Karina in Une Femme est Une Femme. How amazing are the vintage lederhosen? So many good things!

Images courtesy of Vera Vague.


2 Responses to “Vera Vague”
  1. Slow Lorus says:

    That lederhosen look is uh-maze-ing.

    You don’t even know how badly I used to be tempted by vintage lederhosen when I was a tiny scene-making minx. I always ran across them thrifting but always in children’s sizes that just very NEARLY fit me. But damn those kids and their short crotches.

    The ones shown above look like they’re a more reasonable size (and by size, I mean the rise isn’t 2″).