I Love Exene Cervenka

After talking with a friend about our early idols–I’ve had Exene Cervenka on my mind. She has been one of my heroes since I was 11 years old and she is still someone I admire today for her music, beliefs and style. Please note: I just realized that I’m sitting here in a vintage polka dot dress, red lips, copper messy hair, short bangs and several bakelite bangles. Oh, brother. I’m embarrassed just sitting in this room alone with myself.

I’m a huge fan of X and have actually met Exene twice and Billy Zoom once. I’m usually pretty unfazed around celebrity, but I’ve had the opportunity over the years to meet a few of my childhood idols and that’s when the floodgates of horrifying embarrassment open up. I freeze and then break into uncontrollable rambling. When I met Exene the first time–I was caught off guard and tried to awkwardly hold myself in a way that might somehow obscure the fact that I’d unintentionally worn an eerily similar brown vintage dress and our hairstyles were nearly identical (!!!).

I really needed Exene when I found her. I needed to know that it was possible to put your big, romantic heart on the table and vocalize your beliefs when you didn’t agree with something or someone. I needed to know that I wasn’t alone in my distaste for politicians and my love for granny dresses. I needed to know that there was a woman I could look up to who was intelligent, outspoken and talented. Someone who wore dramatic makeup, thrifted old clothes and demanded respect from everyone around her. She was a fantastic role model for women then and she still is. Thank you for everything, Exene. ♥

ONE: 1. Ann Summa 2. via NY Press 3. Exene 4. Frank Gargani 5.Michael Hyatt 6. X

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6 Responses to “I Love Exene Cervenka”
  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Exene is one of my longtime heroes, too. I love love love her.

  2. …and don’t forget that she was married to Viggo Mortensen. Anyone who digs Viggo (or the other way around) = tops in my book.

  3. Kelly says:

    I also love X, been thinking about them lately. Having grown up in Southern California in the 80s, they were just icons from the get-go. I’ve never met Exene, but I did once get to meet John Doe…a long time ago (but a great memory)!

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