October Favorites #1

I thought it would be fun to compile of few of my favorite items from each of my sponsors’ shops over the next few days. Those businesses to the right —> are all run by really clever, talented, and creative women and I truly couldn’t be more proud to have them on my team. I hope you take some time to check their shops out–they’re wonderful small businesses with such crazy good loot.

(Update: You can also see October Favorites #2, October Favorites #3 and October Favorites #4.)

Here are some of my faves…

SEAWORTHY: 1. art deco bronze tiered necklace & art deco swing earrings 2. art deco hoop earrings 3. ‘pocket full of bullets’ triangle earrings.


86 VINTAGE: 1. vintage sequin sleeveless cream sweater, vintage black suede Ferragamo pumps, 3. vintage plaid wool skirt 4. vintage Jorelle chainmail clutch.


LIVING ON VELVET: 1. cute vintage black sequined short-sleeved sweater 2. vintage 1950’s knitting pattern book 3. lovely plaid button-up shirt 4. vintage suede and leather green spectator heels by “Yvette”.


TILDE: 1. pocketo grey ‘big sur’ sweatshirt 2. pocketo leather button wallets 3. k. hall designs cypress & cassis candle.

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BABYBIRD VINTAGE: 1. pretty velvet blazer 2. classic red & navy button-up shirt 3. vintage mossy green kitten heels.


★Note: These folks are my sponsors, but this is NOT a paid post. I just love ’em.

Image credits: All images courtesy of respective shops.
Seaworthy credits: Photography: Lindsey Marla Lynch. Model: Emily Perkins.


2 Responses to “October Favorites #1”
  1. Lauren says:

    Such gorgeous wares! Your sponsors really are such a talented group of ladies. My website is only in the wee stages at this point, but I love the concept of the blogger-sponsor relationship.