Welcome to Twin Peaks

Remember when I said I’d been working on a project that I was excited to share? Remember when I was on Twitter talking about how it felt like my eyes were vibrating and full of sawdust because of sleep deprivation? Well, it was all for a good reason! It was for this big post that I curated for the Etsy blog!

Twin Peaks is near and dear to my heart, so when Alison invited me to put together a feature for Etsy, it didn’t take me very long to decide on my theme. I grew up in Seattle, so I was lucky enough to have some of the Twin Peaks location sites in close proximity. I used to go up to Snoqualmie Falls and the town of North Bend to A. Hang out with friends and have pie and coffee at the Twin Peaks diner and B. Kiss the boys I fancied at one of my favorite spots–the lookout above the falls. Ahhh… so many memories. Actually, what I remember most about the diner was not the pie–it was the GIANT, signed 1970’s Foghat poster haphazardly hung on the wall to cover a big grease spot. I always tried to get a seat in the booth facing away from that wall to keep the Twin Peaks vibe alive while I ate my pie.

Anyway, please go check out my big Twin Peaks post! I worked so hard on it, so it has been extremely fun to hear from other from other people who love the show. I was inspired by a few of my favorite townspeople (Audrey Horne, Agent Cooper, The Log Lady) and the town to talk about in my mini collection–I hope you like it!

Also, thanks again to my pal, Anna. She helped me at the 11th hour to execute a few of my ideas in Photoshop. I appreciate her help so much. I really look forward to learning how to do it all without help someday!

14 Responses to “Welcome to Twin Peaks”
  1. Hilary says:

    Omg I looove Twin Peaks!I did a little post on everyone’s special agent awhile back: http://ifzombiesweresupermodels.blogspot.com/2011/04/ultimate-babe-agent-cooper.html

    Can’t wait to go over to the Etsy blog and read yours!


  2. Bria says:

    So so good–I love Twin Peaks style and I love your selections!

  3. Kandace says:

    This is fabulous, Jen!

  4. Mallory says:

    I loved your post so much, Jen! I’m ashamed to admit that I only JUST started watching Twin Peaks for the first time a week or two ago – right now I’m in season two. Audrey is stuck at One-Eyed Jack’s. So, even though I wish I’d gotten around to watching the series ages ago, your post came at the perfect time – while I’m in the grips of Twin Peaks mania. I mentally keep a list of things I’d do if I had a time machine, and only 1/2 way through the first season I decided to add a new item to the list – go back to when the series was being filmed and somehow find a way to be an extra. That would be amazing.

  5. Dina says:

    This was such a neat idea for a post. So great to see all your picks for each character. Thanks for using the sweater from my shop in the Log Lady section! I’ll definitely be back for more inspiration :)

  6. Rabia says:

    oh! Just lovely! what a treat to look at x

  7. Miss Scarlett says:

    Oh my goodness! I love Twin Peaks! Special Agent Dale Cooper is my complete ideal!
    I’ve made the trip a time or two to Snoqualmie, North Bend etc. with friends and fellow Lynch fans.
    So fun to receive the Etsy link to your post on Twitter.
    I’m going to bookmark you and explore more later.
    I totally agree that Audrey Horne is an icon.